Keeping Up With Ken

No Blogs for a little while

Just to let you all know, I am converting over to I will post again when I get the new site up. Thanks for all that are supporting me with this journey.

Only Unconditional Love

I’ve written about this topic before, and I think it bears repeating. Most of us strive to learn from each other. We all have skill sets that we are either strong or weak, and it helps to be around people who can elevate our potential. But sometimes, people push our buttons to the point that… Read more “Only Unconditional Love”

When People Push You

Most of us have limitations because we feel uncomfortable dealing with change. To get better at anything in this world, we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and our heads. That could take some doing, and it often takes other people to cause you to become your best self. That amount of… Read more “When People Push You”


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Meet Ken. He keeps inspiring everyone he meets.

About Me

I’m one of four folks on this blogging site that loves to inspire others who are going through a rough time. I hope these blogs make you smile and know that no matter how low things get in life, that you can step up with faith and love.

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