Keeping Up With Ken

The Pied Piper Effect

I hesitate to talk about this because I know it’s a sore subject for many people. However, instead of the vaccinations, politics, jobs, and other areas of our lives, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what I see happening around me. Many people are following a Pied Piper and don’t even recognize… Read more “The Pied Piper Effect”


What are some of the biggest illusions that you have had to face in your lifetime? Some relationships appear effortless when they are not. Others may not have given potential partners the time of day because they didn’t seem to have the means or lucrative tools we may have thought we craved. No matter what… Read more “Illusions”

Peace of Mind

I talked to my mom over the weekend and were recalling conversations with loved ones who had passed. One of the things we remembered is how my dad wanted to ensure that we had a piece of mind if something happened to him in the future. Even the best planners can forget something when we… Read more “Peace of Mind”

The Importance of Body Language

Body Language is one of the most effective mechanisms for telling what a person is projecting. For example, if you watch those around you, you can tell who is lacking in self-confidence. You can also tell who the power-players are in a room by how they command attention with their presence. There is one thing… Read more “The Importance of Body Language”


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Meet Ken. He keeps inspiring everyone he meets.

About Me

I’m one of four folks on this blogging site that loves to inspire others who are going through a rough time. I hope these blogs make you smile and know that no matter how low things get in life, that you can step up with faith and love.

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