When is “more” enough? So many of us want more fun, excitement, money, good health, opportunity, growth, and challenges. We strive to reach the obstacles we face, and we aren’t satisfied with what we have because we always want more. We might want more from a partner or more respect. Maybe we want more time with a loved one who is dying or died. Perhaps we want more moments and memories that are special. But no matter what, we are never satisfied with what we have because we want more.

I’ll tell you what I want more of because there isn’t enough of it. I want more communication with people instead of violence. I want more empathy from society instead of blaming one another for not agreeing with our points of view. I want more compassion from a world that divides itself because one party thinks it’s better than another. I watch our world divide more and more from the power grabs of politicians and those who obsess over taking over the world. And I want more recognition for the people that society chooses to overlook. Those folks with voices silenced are the ones we should be listening to more than ever. They are the lifeline of our community and often feel pushed away.

I see stories of more and more people dying at the hands of gangs and drug cartels. The news is full of stories of people who do more and more damage to places, people, and overall lives. I see young girls and boys succumb to bullying online because more and more of them find themselves the victims of intense scrutiny and internal harm. Depression and anxiety are more rampant than ever. We find ourselves more involved in drama, conflict, adversity, and inner turmoil.

Religious sects are struggling more and more to stay relevant. What was once important to previous generations is changing, and unless congregations can adapt to those changes, the church will continue to die. More options are available through groups that are adapting to the times.  

Relationships with loved ones often struggle with wanting more. Many crave more time, attention, sacrifices, and love. The thing about more is that when people want more, they have no way to measure when they are satisfied. It’s easy when we can see what’s in front of us. For example, if you make a hot fudge sundae, you can usually tell when you need more fudge, whipped cream, or even ice cream. The items that aren’t tangible make us unaware of when we are greedy.

No matter where you are in life, I hope you can get your fill of life’s blessings. It’s okay to want more in life, but don’t let it consume you that you never find satisfaction. No one wants a life a regret, but we also want more out of our lives. Finding fulfillment is something that is a personal journey. When you want more of something, ask yourself when you will find satisfaction with what you have and embrace that knowledge. Experience the opportunities that an open heart provides and allow yourself to learn and grow along the way. You will find more when you open yourself up to more. Have a great day, everyone.

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