Liposuction Part 8

Yesterday I went back to the doctor for a follow-up visit. I haven’t lost any additional weight, nor have I gained it, so it’s a good thing in that respect. Now that the weather is warming up, I can start exercising more frequently and have a better diet than what the colder weather produced. To say I am unimpressed with my doctor’s office is a vast understatement. They have canceled my 3-month appointment twice because of a staffing shortage. I understand why they needed rescheduling, and it didn’t make life easier for me because we have the same problem at my job. Coverage is not easy to obtain, and when doctor’s offices are anybody cancels an appointment with little to no notice, it makes it difficult to make up that time.

When I first arrived at the office, they told me that my weight would be short. An hour late did not seem short to me, but I waited, knowing they were short-staffed. When they finally let me in to be evaluated, I spoke with the nurse and went through the routine evaluation. That’s when I learned that there had been no real change. She told me the belt that I’ve been wearing is becoming non-useful. She wants me to order two different bodysuits from Amazon, which I will do today. Both of these are snug-fitting to the point that it helps shape my body and give me that contoured shape.

When I talked to her about a couple of my concerns, she assured me that what I felt was normal. The numbing sensation still exists around my stomach area, and there is a lot of tightness that I’m massaging away. It’s a strange feeling to know that you are shrinking and getting healthier by the day. It’s a good feeling, but it’s still weird when you’ve never considered yourself heavier than you should until the last few years. Like many of you, I also deal with a ton of stress with my job. Life is too short not to live our lives with more peace than stress, but unfortunately, anxiety creeps up whether we like it. Before leaving the office, she told me that she wanted me to schedule my next appointment. That’s fine, except I’m beginning to lose my patience with their office. As I mentioned earlier, staffing issues occur everywhere. Many of us feel the pinch with the companies we work for and have to plan to keep from getting no coverage.

Many of us have a day off to take care of doctor appointments and other pertinent things we need in our lives, but we often hear from our jobs to answer questions. That was the case for me yesterday as well. My assistant had an unruly customer and needed to have backup dealing with this man. So much for concentrating on my health and other issues. The office took over the conversation again. I left the clinic feeling good overall. I got quite a bit accomplished on my day off. It’s a new day, and my outlook is ready for the continued healing that I’m doing. If you ever consider a procedure like this, please know it is not a simple fix. There are lots of health risks involved, and when you deal with a clinic with a high turnover rate, there are many questions you need to ask. But so far, I’m pleased with my results. I’m breathing better than I have in years. My confidence level is higher, and I feel like me again. To me, that’s some of the best medicine in the world. Have a great day, everyone.

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