Calm Down Before You Post on Social Media

This past weekend I got to experience grown adults that need to learn how to deal with issues that they don’t like in a more civilized fashion. If I thought buying them an adult-sized pacifier would help, I would send it in their direction and tell them to suck on it. After all, they had no problem venting their emotions on social media before all the facts were in the picture. There is one woman in particular that I’m referring to because she seems to think that she is above everybody else. When she doesn’t get her way, she makes everybody else’s life a living hell. She complains about little things because they don’t conform to the way she wants. She is the ultimate control freak. Her post on social media is that of somebody who used to bully others in school. The problem with bullies is that sometimes they never grow out of that stance. Many of the things that they’re not forcing somebody else or giving threats to other people, but can take the way people react as such.

Through her actions of crude text messages and insensitive posts on social media, I saw some of her true colors. But her actions made me think about some of the ways to prevent going off on attention before the facts come to light. I know I recently wrote about getting calm but it bears repeating. Here are some helpful tips I found online.

A top psychiatrist reveals 9 healthy ways of expressing anger without being hurtful.

  1. Walk away. I have heard this statement almost my entire life. When you walk away from someone who has nothing better to do than continue to needle your mentality, you are taking power to frustrate you away from them and give it back to yourself. Some people love to argue with a fencepost because that post will not provide them with a rebuttal. Please do yourself a favor and remove yourself from their toxicity.
  2. Take deep breaths. It’s okay to take a step back and breathe. Give yourself a moment to gather your thoughts, and don’t react to their drama. They will look like the bad guy if all they do is complain.
  3. Move your body. Exercise is your friend. The more you move, the more aggression you can take out positively. Sometimes moving around is one of the best sources of release you can give yourself.
  4. Write a journal. Sometimes getting our thoughts down about places, people, and emotions can be more therapeutic than doing something we’ll regret later. I’ve started writing things down in a journal because there are so many different facets in my life that I know I will forget something along the way. My heart tells me that life is essential to living it fully and dreaming big. When others try to tear down those dreams and ambitions, I have to remind myself not to let them get the better of me.
  5. Indulge in meditation or yoga. Sometimes I think that when you deal with the devil, you have to be as cunning as the demons that run with him. During those times in my life, I need to pray and meditate. Decisions made in anger rarely work in our favor. But when we allow ourselves to calm down, we can find a renewed energy.
  6. Avoid alcohol when you are angry. One of the most common vices is to get a drink when people get mad. You might have your heart broken because someone you love cheated, died, or fell out of love with you. Maybe you lost a child or lost a job that meant a steady check. Perhaps someone stole from you, and they are getting ahead in life, and you feel cheated. Many reasons may make a person feel like reaching for the bottle. The main thing to remember is that going for that bottle could have tragic results when you are angry. Alcohol itself isn’t the enemy. How we treat can determine a positive or negative outcome. When you mix alcohol and anger, it can be a lethal combination. Treat it wisely.
  7. Box your anger. Anger can manifest into something ugly. I’ve seen people accidentally killed because they were in a situation where the other person’s anger made them lose control, which became deadly. Look at the Will Smith and Chris Rock situation if you need another example. Will Smith made a horrible mistake and let his anger take over. The slap he gave Chris Rock is now infamous. It is costing him not only financially but personally and professionally. Think before you react.
  8. Release your anger through creative means.  I have mixed emotions about this particular tip. Sometimes releasing anger through creative means can create something that people talk about for years. Look at Van Gogh. His artwork is legendary. He had dark emotions throughout his life, and he creatively used those emotions. Sometimes our actions give us the outlet and allow others to feel our feelings. People relate to emotions they are dealing with or have dealt with in the past.
  9. Get proper sleep. If you don’t get good sleep, you can be very irritable and unreasonable. While I don’t always agree that rest is easy to get, it’s a necessary tool for combatting making poor decisions when we’re upset. These tips came from a professional counselor’s website.

I hope that you can have the opportunity to calm down before you post anything on social media that you may regret later. If you screw up, you may want to acknowledge that mistake and move on. We’re all human. Life isn’t always easy, but it’s a hell of a ride if you allow yourself to live it to the fullest. Have a great day, everyone.

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