Accepting Grace

Grace is a word that can have many different meanings. My ex-husband chose to name his daughter “Grace,” and it’s a beautiful name. But when I think of Grace, I don’t think of what people call their children. I think about kindness and unconditional love extended in the hardest depths of our lives. Sometimes one of the most challenging aspects of our lives is to find Grace when it feels like our worlds are imploding. When we feel the wrath of everyone’s anger and revenge for things that we don’t always know what we did to deserve their hostility, Grace reflects an inner type of peace.

Because I believe in God, I also believe in God’s Grace. I do a lot for the folks in my job because I want them to feel appreciated. After all, we have too many businesses and people in today’s world that are all about the money train. They tend to forget that it takes people to make money. Their rule of thumb is that money is the one constant in their lives that will make them feel better about themselves. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making money. But for me, it’s more than about the dollars and cents. Kindness win extended to people who aren’t expecting it is one of the best forms of Grace that we can give another person. You don’t know what that person is going through in their life. You might have an idea, but you don’t know everything about their lives. I don’t know anything about most of your lives. Nor would I profess to; however, I know that we all come across people who have needs, including ourselves. Sometimes we need to be shown Grace before giving Grace to someone else.

People can extend Grace through how we treat each other and do things for no reason. Kind gestures and moments that mean much to all of us can fall under the category of Grace. Even in religious circles, Grace is something that we receive through God’s love. So as you enter this workweek, I hope you can find Grace. I hope those who get under your skin can also find some Grace because people don’t always see the good things in life without it. Have a great Monday, everyone.

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