Continuing Education

Every day is a chance to learn something new if we allow ourselves. Yesterday, I discovered a new policy and procedure that I should have been doing all along, but no one taught me. It was kind of cool to find a new element in my job. If I have learned anything over the last few years, keeping my mind sharp allows me to continue to grow. It doesn’t matter how much money I make or don’t make, but rather the tools and skills that I utilize help me become a better individual all the way around.

Some of my peers and friends are doing other things in their lives and starting to find success, and I’m happy for them. But that doesn’t mean that I want to limit myself and push myself to be the best person I can be in the long run. I think that was one of the reasons why I went back to school and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree when I did. I was so tired of being told I needed a degree to get a better footing. Then I got my degree, and I couldn’t find better positions. But I did pick up many skills that I use to this day. Some of those skills are used in volunteer work, while others I’m paid to do. But I never would have gotten those opportunities if I didn’t allow myself to be vulnerable to criticism and feedback.

I know people who have started so many different educational opportunities, and they never finish what they start. They say they’re done with Facebook and never come off of it, and they’re constantly throwing information out that many different groups may try to censor. And some of them are correct in what they post, but sometimes it’s a skewed viewpoint. There are always going to be elements of truth in many different posts. There will always be elements of facts in various stories and readings.

I’ve always heard there were three sides to the truth. The first is whatever you think is true, the second is what somebody else thinks is accurate, and the third one is the actual truth. Sometimes deciphering that can be challenging, but continuing education helps. The more we research and learn, the more knowledgeable we become. That information is pretty much common sense. But I spoke with a woman not long ago who admitted to voting a purely straight ticket because she thought that’s what she was supposed to do with party lines. It didn’t dawn on her to know the facts about the people running. She has always thought that one party is better than another. That pretty much goes along with whatever people believe. Still, most people who deal in that world do look for where politicians and other people in leadership positions stand on pertinent issues. I think many people can agree at this point that when folks vote on emotion, they’re not making good decisions. And it doesn’t matter what level of offices people take because learning how to equip yourself with knowledge can be instrumental in helping you make better choices in all aspects of your lives.

I use politics as an example not to endorse any particular affiliation, but it is something that has become a Hot Topic with many different people. One of the things that I have seen is all of the student forgiveness loans discussed and approved. I have very mixed feelings about this because I was one of those people who had to pay off my student loans, but I did pay them. Education has gotten a lot higher over the last decade. And those rising calls make it more difficult for people to continue their education if they go the traditional college route. Fortunately, there are alternative programs that are more affordable for folks.

I’m not trying to stir the pot with any of this conversation except that if you want to pursue higher education and continue your education, you will know your education and find ways to make it happen. If it’s something you just blatantly say and are blase about it, then you won’t. It boils down to what’s important to you and how open you are to growing and learning. You don’t have to go for a collegiate degree anymore to keep learning. And you don’t have to go out of debt to do that either but what you have to do is have a desire to learn. Once you get that desire to learn and become more knowledgeable about subjects that matter to you or may affect you, it’s incredible how continuing your education becomes something that you love.

So before you get into a huff and think that I’m looking for a fight, I’m not. The only thing I’m looking for is to remind you that if you want to keep growing and learning, do everything you can to use the tools to your advantage. This world is changing every day with new technology. If you want to learn new skills, do them. And most importantly, if other topics interest you, research them. Please don’t wait for other groups to tell us how to think or what to believe. It’s happened on both sides of the spectrum. That’s why I’m not too fond of politics. Because when politics get in the way of learning, people can distort the facts. Challenge yourself to learn something new every day, and don’t settle for the status quo. You bring a lot to this world. Never forget that even when The Times get tough. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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