Going solo

At some point in our lives, all of us go solo. We don’t follow the crowd because it doesn’t fit our alignment. Our paths often stray from what other people are taking, and our peers, acquaintances, and friends don’t always understand our rationale. Many people will talk about you behind your back and spread malicious rumors, or there may be truth to those rumors, but it’s no one else’s business what you do in your life. Yet many of us find ourselves on the spectrum of conversation that we could do without because other people have nothing better to do than gossip. I’ve been guilty of it, and because of that guilt, I now understand the ramifications of my actions. Maybe that’s why I choose to go solo.

Please understand. I love people and being around folks, but sometimes I do things that other people don’t approve of because they don’t fit their plans. I’ve felt comfortable in crowds when I went with a group of friends or loved ones and didn’t have to worry about what I did or didn’t do. Until the last few years, I had to be around people because I didn’t want to be alone. There was a constant need to be surrounded by people because when you’re an only child, you don’t have the blessings that others with siblings have. You don’t have that person to fight with or the person who has your back. You have to figure everything out for yourself, and growing up; I was considered a latch key kid. My parents worked in various places where they weren’t always home, so I stayed by myself a lot and learned to adapt to different opportunities. Back then, it was a different world because you didn’t have the same types of crime that you do today.

The last few years have taught me who my real friends are. And it’s those lessons that have taught me that friends are not part of a numbers game. Going solo can be scary, but it is very empowering. You can learn your worth when you’re not afraid to stand on your feet. You will have a new mindset when you challenge yourself to take chances on things and people you were too scared to do before; I love going solo because I can control the narrative on many other aspects of my life. That’s not to say that I’m unwilling to share my life with other people because I am. But I’m also not afraid to do things on my own. And when you find that inner strength and gain the confidence you need, there is nothing that you can’t accomplish. Have a great day, everyone.

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