Life Choices

There will always be people in life who make very wise life choices. Some folks start by having the mentality to eat healthily and exercise. Other folks choose a different path; they don’t take as good of care of themselves as someone who is physically fit and health-conscious. I have not always made the best decisions in those categories and paid the price in my later years. But at least I’m not afraid to own it, and I’m doing everything I can to correct the patterns. Other people can say the same thing because they didn’t choose better choices when they were young professionally and personally. But what happens when those life choices happen, and they aren’t good ones? Is it too late to change the trajectory?

The simple answer is yes and no. It’s a yes if you are not willing to change your mindset. But if you’re eager to change the way you think and your attitude, it is not too late. I’ve heard so many people say that “I don’t have the money to change things.” To me, that’s just an excuse. If you want something badly enough, you will find the means to make it happen. You are deluding yourself if you expect the world to fall to you on a silver platter. Not many of us have a sugar mama or daddy. I know I don’t. That is one of the reasons I work so much. But I also work a lot, not just because I don’t want to think about things but because I want a better life and I work towards that goal.

Here are ten steps that I found online that might help you make better choices along the way. 

  1.  Try not to overthink. If you are anything like me, you might be overly analytical. If you’re not careful over your goals and dreams, you can psyche yourself out. You may tell yourself that you “can’t” do it, and you need to get that word out of your vocabulary. When you start overthinking, you start talking yourself out of your potential. Recognize your goals and dreams and build from there. Don’t overthink it.
  2. Take care of yourself. Most of us take care of everybody else but ourselves. You are not alone if you do this because most of us have families that demand our attention. We have to remember that if we can take care of ourselves, we have better tools to care for other people. So with that mindset watching what we eat, exercising, and keeping our mental health sharp is crucial to making better changes in your life.
  3. Remove yourself from drama and negativity. I have distanced myself away from relationships that drained the life out of me. One of the women that were one of my best friends for years is never wrong, and it got frustrating when I would hear her make me feel like I wasn’t right about anything. And it happened a lot, so much so that when she does something that isn’t right, you will never hear her admit her mistakes. It’s always somebody else’s fault. When I removed myself from that relationship and another toxic one, my stress level went down almost 0. It makes a difference.
  4. Don’t shy away from your mistakes. Like the above section when I talked about my friend who never admits when she’s wrong, learning to recognize when we’re wrong and owning those mistakes helps us grow. When we stop judging everybody else for the way they believe and what they think and start focusing on ourselves, we take that part out of the equation. We recognize our worth and our strengths. 
  5. Look at the flip side of your decisions. I want to call this to weigh in your options because if you go into something with your eyes wide open, you have a better inclination for how something will go. When you can have facts, you have more to equip yourself with to make informed choices, and those choices are more than likely going to be better in the long run. And if they’re not, you learn how to build from that because knowledge is power.
  6. Ask for feedback. The best way to learn what you’re doing wrong is to get feedback from other people. They can tell you where your strength lies and your weaknesses, and believe me when I tell you that that can make all the difference in the world. If you know what you’re doing well versus what you’re not, you have the tools to take that next level. And if you’re not getting feedback, ask yourself why because if you’re afraid to find out what other people might think, then will you be able to continue to grow in the capacity you’re doing?
  7. Give yourself advice. Do any of you ever talk to yourself? I know I’m not the only one who does, so I can honestly attest that giving myself advice has come through for me quite a bit. I’m the type of person that I like to talk things through verbally, so I will talk to myself a lot. But it’s because it’s the way I process things, and I know several of my friends do the same thing. So before you tell me, “no, I never talk to myself,” you might want to remember there are many people who do, and it’s OK.
  8. Manage your emotions. One of the hardest things to do is not fly off the handle when angry. When somebody ruffles your feathers, it’s easy to get rattled and not be sure of your next move. If any of you are basketball fans, then most of you may be following the NCAA tournament right now, and you can see how so many of those kids get rattled when things don’t start going their way. We all are guilty because our emotions are like a roller coaster. But we have to start thinking clearly to make better decisions because when you are cluttered in your mind and wound up most of the time, you will not make good choices. Keep your mindset focused. 
  9. Stay true to who you are. If you have to sell your soul to get successful, you are selling yourself out, and there will come the point in time that you won’t even recognize yourself. Some people will tell you you have to sell your soul to meet success, but I don’t believe that. We are all put into positions where we know what we’re walking into options as long as we’re making better choices. Choose wisely. One of the questions that I ask people is if you have to sell your soul to get where you want to go, is it worth it? I’ve heard many of them say that it was worth it financially but personally that they had forgotten what it was like to feel anything. Many of them no longer had time for their families because they now had nannies raising their kids and corporate schedules and deadlines that they had to meet. And while they enjoyed the money and the perks, their lives were a bit of a touchy subject because they contributed lots of money and power to society but weren’t happy. There are ways to do both, but it’s tricky. 
  10. Use data to your advantage. One of the things that help me is research. I love going online and finding hopeful tips and hints that assist other people along the way. That information is like pulling a ton of data together because when you pull that data, you can give people more informed information. Sometimes that helps more than you will realize. Many of these tips are part of various educational studies or job sites. Many of these tips came from Indeed. So the next time that you start wondering about life choices, you may want to research more about the areas that interest you the most.

No matter what life choices you’ve made in your life, I hope you’ve found pure happiness and whatever you do. We’re only on this Earth once, and we have to make it count. So as you go out today, keep in mind that many people are struggling with their choices. You can always spread a little kindness to people when you see them floundering, but one of the best things you can do is keep your eyes and ears open and your heart and mind open to possibilities and other people. Those networking skills can bring you a lifetime of success in ways that you never imagined. Being open to change and growth can give you a perspective that will be useful in ways that you never saw coming. And those skills can give you the tools you need to make a big difference in this world. Have a great Monday, everyone.

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