Highway to home

So much of my life has been on the road. I’ve had to learn how to drive aggressively. I’ve also had to learn how to deal with highways because to get where I need to go, most of the time, the road is imperative to making trips shorter. There are times that that is disputable, but not many. I’ve talked about home quite a bit. I don’t usually talk about the trip to get me there. The other day I was in my local BJ’s club, and I was looking for some items that were not in stock. It made me find gratitude for our truck drivers and farmers because we would not have many products and services available to us without them. But every time I go home, I pass by the fields and the land. When I get on the highway, I encounter many truck drivers who would not meet our needs quickly without their support.

The diesel hike is killing our truck drivers. They have a lot of other issues that they have to contend with because trucks have to weigh in at weight stations and also have to deal with safety issues that most of us deal with on the road. They have bigger rigs that need to be taken care of and are responsible for their safety and ensuring their trucks make deliveries. Every time I pass them on the road, I always think about what their lives must be like; unless you are a truck driver or a truck driver’s family, you won’t understand the sacrifices these men and women make routinely. Many may consider their jobs blue-collar, but they are their version of doctors. They may not perform surgeries, but their skills are essential to helping us get supplies that we desperately need to acknowledge. Before you look down on another truck driver, maybe you want to take a moment to thank them because they are the heartbeat that helps all of us get home.

When you’re a driver on the highway, you don’t get to see so many other parts of the surrounding areas because you’re too busy paying attention to the road. I always get excited when I see my mile marker 140, knowing I’m almost home. I start thinking about how blessed I can get to the areas I need to get to because so many people don’t have modes of transportation available. Every time I travel, I recognize that I’m blessed. Blessings are something that we all have if we choose to allow ourselves.

However, one thing that consistently amazes me is how much construction occurs on the highway. I know that the state wants to improve many areas of travel, and sometimes that’s a good thing, but overall it’s a pain for the driver. I’m not disputing that construction is practical long term, but I am stating that sometimes seeing all that construction on the road can make a person feel like they are driving through nothing but cemented blocks. To pass the time while traveling, my dad used to help me look for the letters of the alphabet on the road. The drive home was always about an hour and a 1/2 from where he worked. To stay awake, he kept both of us occupied. And if we weren’t looking for the alphabet, we counted how many eighteen-wheelers we saw.

So the next time you see a truck driver, remember that that driver may be driving long distances and they’re on the road longer than they are home. That driver may have a family they go back to and rarely see. Don’t take anything for granted because just like the farmers and the truckers who are doing everything they can to keep food and other necessities to all of us, we can’t take away the sacrifices they make to provide for us. When you see a driver on the highway, you may wonder if they’re headed home or not because the road becomes their home.

I’m going to take this day to do things that need doing because the highway is taking me home tonight. And that’s going to be a beautiful site for me. Have a great day, everyone.

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