When We Have To Eat Our Words

I know I’m not the only one that has to eat my words when I say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It isn’t enjoyable to say something that comes across in a way we never intended, but others heard something different than intended. When we say something like I’m going to kill you in jest, sometimes people take it a little too far, and they think that it’s a literal interpretation. Usually, the person who says it doesn’t mean anything wrong by it; it’s just one of those moments when somebody says something because they can’t believe somebody did the actions they did, and it embarrassed them.

Another prime example is when you see a hot guy or girl, and you think that they’re the cat’s meow, and you start talking about them, and they hear everything you say. Sometimes the ogling is a little more than you intended, but you put your foot in your mouth because of how many times we have done things or said things that we wish we could have taken back. I’ve overheard conversations that I wanted the other party never to know. I’ve had embarrassing situations to the point where my pants were falling, and I had to hold them up with one hand while running with the other. I had a few choice words about that incident.

The bottom line is we all say things we regret later but we have to find a little bit of humor in our mistakes. Even with those scenarios that I was completely embarrassed or could have handled things differently I’ve learned from them and learned that mistakes happen, but remorse is a valuable tool. When we show empathy and remorse when we’ve done something that hurts another human being it makes us seem a little more human.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time in my life where people have used words against one another as they have over the last decade. Politics have gotten to be a nasty beast, and people act like they don’t have sense anymore. If they’re not for a particular party that other people think they should be, then all of a sudden, they become the enemy. So many times, words get said that they shouldn’t be because it does no good to criticize somebody that doesn’t believe the way you do. It doesn’t matter what we think or what we don’t think because we all have to find ways of coexisting with each other.

Recently I lost a friendship with a woman that I care a lot about because she accused me of saying something to someone else that I never even said. I’m not sure this woman doesn’t have a mental illness because of how she acts. She’ll be fine one moment and completely unhinged the next. I’ve seen her act quite rudely with other people, yet nothing is ever her fault. I love and admire her and respect her tremendously, but so far, she has proven without a shadow of a doubt that her allegiance is only suitable for when it’s convenient for her. Her words have been filled with spite more than once. They’ve hurt several folks in the way that she has said them. I know her heart, and therefore I don’t hold it against her, but I recognize that it’s not a healthy friendship when somebody continuously acts the way she does. Walking away has been the best thing I could have done.

The next time you do something or say something inappropriate or harmful to someone else, think about how you would feel if you were the other person. None of us have to be perfect by any means, but we have to be considerate of what we say because we never know when or if we’re going to need that person for something down the road. And unfortunately, I’ve seen many people sling accusations at one another along with hurtful innuendoes. They have no concept of how that can come back and bite them. I’ve seen a lot of people on TikTok complaining that it’s not their job to do certain things, and yet they expect top service when they go somewhere. We can’t have it both ways; we either treat people with respect and kindness or have comments hurled at us that might be painful to hear.

There’s an old saying in the South that if you put your foot in the mouth, you might as well eat crows. No, I do not mean harm to crows. People always think you mean things literally, so let me put my foot in my mouth and say I don’t. But we all have those moments in time where we need to learn from each other. So the next time you do something that’s quite dumb by what you say, maybe try thinking before you talk because you never know how people will interpret those words later on. Have a great day, everyone.

3 thoughts on “When We Have To Eat Our Words

  1. Your former “friend” might be bi-polar – she wasn’t your friend anyway if she got that mad at you for something she assumed you said and she just couldn’t let it go with a simple apology. Bye to her! But my grandma always used to say be careful little mouth what you say, I am so familiar with the foot in mouth syndrome.

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      1. That’s so true, we have so many similar life stories! But yeah, she was never your “friend” and you are both better without each other.

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