Five More Minutes

How many times have you hit the snooze button and thought I need five more minutes of sleep? What if you work with a project and others tell you that time is up? You think to yourself if I’d only had five more minutes. Or what if those five minutes are the difference between life and death? Would you wish you had five more minutes with that person or person? Or would you think that’s not enough time? Depending on the situation, most of us will tell others that five more minutes isn’t enough. But for some folks, those five minutes can change lives. First responders will be the first to tell you that every second counts. They deal with situations where they can’t look at a clock because if they do, it diverts their attention to other pressing matters. But, I can assure you that there are many circumstances where they feel five minutes isn’t enough.

As a kid, I remember fighting to go to bed. I’d always say to my folks, “give me five more minutes.” Sometimes I would drop from exhaustion, and other times I would bargain for a little more time. But no matter what, my folks would usually tell me to “go to bed.” It was good that they didn’t leave a flashlight for me because I would find any excuse to stay awake. I wasn’t afraid of monsters under my bed, I was a night owl, and the night always seemed to invigorate me. When I went to college at East Carolina University, I always wanted five more minutes to stay away from the dorm. The night called me, and I was not too fond of curfews. The RA was strict about who could do what and when. Granted, this was in the eighties and nineties, but I doubt things have slacked up since then.

Isn’t life that way, though? We always want more time. What matters is what we do with our time because your world can change instantly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my world turned upside down with tragedy. One of my friends had a sixteen-year-old sister when I was very young. She had recently gotten her driver’s license. A drunk driver killed Renee. Cathy’s life has never been the same since. She would give almost anything to have five more minutes with her sister. Instead, she uses the accident to educate people on the dangers of drunk driving. I have other friends who faced similar circumstances, as well as myself. I think that it’s common knowledge I would love five more minutes with my dad, but that wouldn’t be enough because I’d beg for even more time. Sometimes we don’t get to say goodbye to those we love, and wishing that we had those five more minutes is a coping mechanism for many people.

When I dream at night, I often wake up before the dream ends, and then I want five more minutes to finish my vision. Even if I go back to sleep, the memory is lost, and those five minutes are gone. It’s the realization that reality bites that often makes me question things. Or, if I’m at a concert having a blast or doing something that I don’t want to end, I long for the five more minutes to keep the momentum going. That doesn’t mean I always get those minutes, but it makes me human.

While I know that we have no guarantees in life, it doesn’t make it easier when we want to do things that are cut short. Sometimes I would give anything for another five minutes to relatives who passed or when lost loves died. I hope that each of you recognizes the time you have and spend it wisely. Life fills itself with opportunities that leave us craving more, but the reality is that time flies. We can use that time to help others, and ourselves meet incredible goals and challenges. We also can cherish what we have and find gratitude for the blessings we share. As each day passes, take five more minutes for yourself every once in a while. Reflect on the things that mean the most, and use those examples to help yourself navigate through troubling times. Who knows? You might find that those five minutes can help you change the course of your life and the lives of others. Have a great day, everyone.

One thought on “Five More Minutes

  1. Me, every morning – but I’m not that generous, I want 10 more minutes! 🤣 I just hate waking up in the middle of a dream, especially when it a good one, and worst yet, not being able to remember it!

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