Engaging Communication

I don’t know about most of you, but one of the hardest things I have to do is figure out how to engage in communication. It gets frustrating when others expect you to read other people’s minds. It doesn’t matter if it’s your boss who expects you to know what they want in a project, or if it’s people that you surround yourself with because, in the end, everything is your responsibility. I have several friends who think that I excel at mind-reading because I appear to know what they need and want when I don’t have a clue half the time.

I’ve started a new project that depends on having a team of folk. One of the things that this team will have to do is communicate about faults and ideas to achieve a better vision for our future. Anytime you’re dealing with a business of any nature, you need to have an image in place. Otherwise, things can fall through the cracks. If you think about it, there are a lot of topics going on in the world right now that could use a lot of discussions. I miss being in Guilford college because it was a safe place for all of us to discuss things. We didn’t have to agree with our classmates, but we could get a different perspective on different viewpoints and thoughts. Having that opportunity opened up and enlightened several of our minds. But how do we apply that information in today’s world when there are so few opportunities to engage in conversations with conversations without it going into a mediation of sorts? Here are some of the helpful tips I found online.

 To Be More Engaging In Your Conversations

Become An Active Listener. Some folks are better at this skill than others. There are days I struggle with this concept, but I’m finding that the more I listen and the less I talk, the more I learn. Many people find the same idea to work well for them.

Ask Questions. My dad was a whiz at this concept, and it’s taking me a long time to learn how to do this art well. Questions are a good thing. Many people struggle when someone asks questions and everyone around them looks down at the floor or anywhere except the person presenting the information. If you are curious about an issue, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The chances are high that other people are wondering the same thing.

Have Confidence. It’s easy to feel like Eeyore on some issues, but the fact is that when we have confidence in ourselves, we accomplish more than we thought possible. I’ve heard in the past that “if you dream it, you can achieve it.” There is a lot of truth to that statement. Having confidence helps us when we try to do things we aren’t comfortable with but are willing to try. Trying is the first step to achieving anything in life. If we don’t try and have confidence in ourselves, we’ll never know what is truly possible.

Use Reflective Listening. In college, I used to hear from my professors’ paraphrasing what they heard. It’s a fantastic tool to ensure we understand where someone is coming from in discussions. The more we reflect on what we hear, the more we may find ourselves learning different concepts.

Begin Conversations With Open-Ended Questions. It’s hard to get a conversation going unless you have open-ended questions. If you are asking things that bring a yes or no response, the discussion will cut off quicker than you may like. For example, if you ask someone how they are doing, the answer is usually “good.” That may be the end of the conversation. If you ask about what a person did during the day, it might give a more open dialogue.

Get Out Of Your Head. Sometimes our mind creates drama where there doesn’t need to be anything pertinent. Allow yourself to get rid of the clutter and stop assuming you know what a person will say. Give that other individual a chance to have their say.

Find Some Commonality With The Other Person. Common ground helps all parties involved. The more we have in common, the more we identify with someone else’s interests. It’s healthy to find out where others have strengths and weaknesses. The more we find we have in common, the more we can accomplish in our lives.

Keep Your Body Language In Check. Don’t come off menacingly if you want to establish engaging conversations. The last thing you want is to provoke someone into creating a hostile environment, especially in today’s world. We’re all dealing with tempers, and some are more afraid than others. Be aware of how you present yourself and do everything in your power to hold yourself accountable for approachability. It can make all the difference in the world.

The main thing is to be open to conversations that can be difficult. When we approach various discussions, it helps to remember that we all process information the same way. That’s what is so cool about our individuality. Don’t worry so much about the fear of starting conversations. The sooner we all learn to use our voices, the more we can learn from each other and have meaningful discussions along the way. Have a great day, everyone.

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