Thanking Farmers and Truckers

I always followed my grandmother out to the farm when I was a kid. I learned to sell peas snap beans, husk corn, and watch the various plants grow like the tomatoes, the cantaloupe, and watermelon, and every year I always enjoyed the bounty that the harvest would produce. Something about the taste of freshly grown vegetables straight to the plate is difficult to explain. The freshness is incredible, and when appropriately canned, that taste can linger for years. Many folks nowadays do not farm but rather go to the grocery store or fresh market type of places for fresh produce and vegetables. Many of us may have a plan or two that grows various fruits and vegetables, but overall, most of us have to go to some store or stand. But can you imagine what the people who farm that land do during the day?

If you grow up around farming, you know that a farmer’s work starts exceptionally early in the morning, and many times, they go to bed earlier than most people because their day starts as early as 2 or 3 a.m. They are out in the fields before the sun ever comes up, and many times it’s because, in the summer, that is the best working time of the day before the heat gets so bad that it’s virtually impossible to work the field. Farmers tend to know more about their land because they take the time to see when the soil is ripe for growth, and they know the conditions that will make better growing environments than what the regular person may know.

Farmers also have a lot of pride in everything they grow because it reflects them. The farmers can’t get things to the masses without assistance. That’s why truck drivers are crucial. When farmers and truck drivers help provide food to the rest of the public, we all benefit. Sure, if you live near an area where farmers can sell and outsource their products locally, you might not understand the need for truck drivers. But, most farms that sell large volumes of produce use trucks and truck drivers to help sell their products. If the truck drivers couldn’t get those items to a grocery store or produce stand, I highly doubt that those items would sell as quickly. Chickens, dairy, meat, and other products are no exception to this rule. They need farmers to help get them ready for consumers, and many people aren’t too keen on hunting themselves. Many consumers don’t want to think about milking goats or cows for milk. They want the convenience of picking it up from a store. That action couldn’t happen if we didn’t have farmers and truckers to help ensure the comfort we enjoy.

Here are some of the reasons farmers are so important:

1. Farmers Provide Access to Food

Many people enjoy an abundance of food thanks to the hard work of these men and women. Each state has various plants and trees that are more prevalent than other areas, but these men and women ensure that their crops meet specific rigorous guidelines to ensure that their products meet high standards and nutrition.

2. They Supply the Ingredients for Classic American Dishes

Without farmers, we wouldn’t have burgers and fries. We wouldn’t have lettuce, tomatoes, onions, celery, cabbage, grapes, and many more fresh ingredients. Can you imagine not having tomatoes for your spaghetti sauce? If you enjoy condiments like ketchup, there would be no tomatoes to make that condiment, and you’d have to substitute something else. It might not look or taste very well. 

3. One Word: Crayons

Farmers do more than provide food. For example, soybeans are an essential ingredient in the production of crayons. One acre of soybeans can produce 82,358 crayons. Beyond their use in crayons, soybeans are one of the most widely consumed foods globally, partly because they contain more protein per acre than any other crop.

4. Your Wardrobe Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Them

Clothing is another reason that we should thank our farmers. After all, most articles of clothing contain things like cotton or wool. It’s those kinds of products that help make our clothing. I remember the first time I ever saw cotton growing in a field. It has a different texture than when it’s processed, but we wouldn’t have those materials to feel good on our skin without the cotton crops.

5. They Make Sunday Brunch Taste Better

Bacon and sausage are breakfast mainstays, but they wouldn’t be readily available without dedicated pork producers in states like Iowa. The No. 1 pork-producing and exporting firms in the U.S. Alternatives are popping up in our lives. Still, there is no doubt that many people love bacon and sausage.

6. Farmers Strengthen our Economy

“In 2018, $140 billion worth of American agricultural products were exported, numbers proving that farmers strengthen the global economy. Wheat is Montana’s No. 1 export, with nearly 75 percent sent to Asian markets. Domestically, agriculture employs more than 24 million Americans (17% of the U.S. workforce). Talk about the importance of farmers!” ( Farm Bureau Financial Services article June 2019.)

7. They’re Helping Protect Bees — and Other Wildlife

We need the bees to help produce honey, and bees are in danger. Their populations are not thriving like they used to be, so farmers need to help our buzzing friends along. There is nothing like the fresh taste of honey, and there are many other types of wildlife that our farmers protect. We live with nature, even when we’re in the city, so farmers are helping us to keep various forms of wildlife and bees going for future generations.

8. We Can Thank Farmers for Our Favorite Ballgame Snack

Sunflower seeds, peanuts, and other snacks are staples at ball games. Without farmers, these items wouldn’t be readily available. It’s important to remember that nuts grow on trees, and sunflower seeds grow on plants, so the next time you chow down on some of your favorite snacks, be grateful for the men and women who helped get it to you.

Here are some reasons that we need to be thankful for our truckers:

Here are some reasons that we need to be thankful for our truckers: 

Trucking Helps Americans Eat and Drink. Most groceries get to stores on trucks. Can you imagine going to your local grocery store, and they don’t have trucks to bring in necessary items? Bare shelves are no fun for anyone, but when truck drivers don’t come to a business, it can have costly effects for all parties involved.

Health Care. Nursing homes and hospitals count on trucks to bring medical supplies and food. If you are a patient in the hospital or nursing facilities, how do you think you will get to eat or get your medicine if the trucks don’t bring any into where you are staying?

Trucks Keep the Rest of the Industry Moving. Some goods start their trip on trains and boats. Some of them may be local or going a long distance. No matter what the trucks may bring, there is usually a strong need for those items.

Retail. Retail stores should be a no-brainer because they need trucks to help keep their inventory stocked, and without those trucks, there will be bare shelves, and people won’t spend more money because there won’t be anything to spend money on to better our lives.

Waste Removal. We need trucks to help tote away trash and recyclables. Otherwise, the smell and amount of waste would become unreasonable.

These are a few reasons we need to appreciate and thank our farmers and truck drivers. Without these two resources working together, we would not have many of the luxuries we do today, and hunger and clothing would be worse than they are already. So to the men and women who work as farmers and truck drivers, we are grateful for everything you do. Have a great day, everyone.


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