Some of the best memories that I have from growing up are making things by hand. I remember making potholders with my grandmother by hand, and I still use most of those potholders to this day because the quality is superior. When we make things by hand, they generally last longer than the automated stuff on the markets. When I see quilts that have been handsome by various men and women, I realize how much love and time went into those quilts and how those same quilts will last generations.

It’s not just quilted, though, because my grandfather was well-known in the furniture-making world. Some of the pieces he made by hand have lasted generations and remain in the family. My great-great-grandfather built a black cherry dining room table. It is worth a pretty pity in today’s world. I’ve had several people who made vital work offer to buy the table on the spot because it was valuable, and I’ve turned them down each time. I don’t want to let that table go until I die.

My parents have kept many things that I’ve made over the years. Some of those items that I made in elementary school are still in use by us to this day. We still use some of the Christmas ornaments that I made. Some of the best Christmas presents I made were the ones I did by cross-stitch. I enjoyed making them because I knew a particular pride went into that craft. We put much love into those ornaments because I wanted my family members to have something to remember each year so they would remember the best of memories.

My grandmother knitted me a pair of mittens one year, and I wore them until my hands got too big for them, but I still have them. I’m making with all of this because sometimes the hand-made things are made of quality and love. People take their time when they make something because they genuinely want it to reflect their love towards that person or entity. When I create cards for my friends, I try to find a sound card that says what I want. But I don’t generally make the cards unless I find the appropriate one. Now, when I have hand-made a card, the artwork has not been great, but the thought made the difference.

My mother used to make several clothing items for me because that was the best way she could create clothes that looked expensive but that we could afford. I still have some of the clothes that she made, and even though I am too big for them, I still remember the hours she sewed each garment by hand. That’s the kind of quality in craftsmanship that you can’t find in a regular store.

I remember watching people make candles when I was younger. Most people enjoy different types of candles; they like to burn them and have a nice feeling with the scents and the aromas, and they just like the sense that they give them. But have you ever noticed that handmade candles tend to last more is last more than those that are mass-produced? Again it goes back to caring about what people do in the presentation.

I have handmade tools that my grandfather made law long before my mom was in the picture. The tools he made are over 100 years old, yet they still work better than some of the most modern-day tools out there. I can tell you they dig dirt very well; it just takes muscle and manual labor. But they don’t tend to break and fall off the handle as today’s stuff does. You can tell the cheaply made tools when they don’t last even six months.

I can tell the difference in baked goods done by hand versus processed foods. When I make a homemade loaf of bread, it has an aroma that fills my kitchen with the scent of warmth, love, and tastiness, and when ice cream is homemade, there is a different texture and taste than store-bought brands. When fudge is handmade, there is a difference in what a person gets from a retailer versus the hand method. Everything made by hand has a freshness that processed foods can’t replicate. Sure, the machines are great at churning out quantity, but the quality is something that they still have yet to master.

These items are just a few of the handmade items that I can relate to, and I’m sure you have many you can relate to, but the bottom line is that handmade items generally last longer because of the love that went into making them. Perhaps you may want to start doing something with homemade versions of sewing or is sewing or fashion or art or is or any craft or is of skill or something that’s your interested in pursuing. The point is whatever you make, make it with love. You never know it might last for generations. But more importantly, it will mean the most because you made it for the people you love most. Have a great day, everyone.

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