Reviews Are Not Always Accurate

Customer reviews at are vetted so that people can trust that the information is accurate and trustworthy.

There are days when I don’t like people. I don’t condescendingly mean that statement, but I’ve learned that many adults are never satisfied with anything. I have a customer who is always late on his bill. He pays after hours and then becomes disgruntled when he can’t access his unit. Our facility is a 24/7 facility, but the office is not. We have regular business hours, and he has consistently been late paying on his bill for over a year. He took it upon himself to give us a one-star review even though he doesn’t pay on time, always pays after hours, and is not a nice person in general. He became agitated when he found out that I wouldn’t allow him access to his unit when he wasn’t current on payments when he needed something essential out of it. He threatened to move out, which incidentally he has yet to do. In the words of my friend Dereck, “You can’t fix stupid.” If I let people back into their units when they have not paid, the expectation would be that they could get in there without paying their bills. His review attempted to make me look bad, but because of his actions, he’s the one that is out of line.

Most of us go to reviews to find out if a business or place is worth our time. While reviews are an excellent resource to give us insight into what they provide, they are a part of people’s opinions over the time they visit. There is a local Japanese restaurant that my friends and I love to frequent. One of the servers has been there for a long time. He knows everyone by name and order. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been there the last few times we’ve gone, and the quality has been disappointing. They were once a competitor to some of the more prestigious Japanese restaurants in the area. Now their taste and accommodations are lacking. See what I mean? It’s my opinion. It doesn’t mean they are a terrible restaurant, but my experiences judge them based on past visits. My recollections may not be the same as someone else’s. But my opinions may not align with someone else’s views either. The fact is that reviews are a guideline, and while those reviews might help someone determine where to go, they can also help form opinions before someone tries it for themselves. There is a tremendous amount of power and persuasion in words.

If you see a review with many negative reviews, that can indicate a significant problem with that business. However, if you view many mixed reviews, it could mean various things. Sometimes checking out a place for yourself can give you a better feel for if a business is worth spending any time in it or not. I’m always wary of reviews that are nothing but five stars. That tells me that a place is entirely fantastic, someone might pay for the thoughts, or that no one has given them a bad mark. I will often check out a site with high star reviews because I like deciding if it’s as good as the reviews say.

The biggest thing is to be aware that reviews are only a guide. They reflect people’s experiences and are not always the most significant indicator of whether a place is good or bad. Try to have an open mind when you read them and allow yourself to form your opinions. You might find a gem in even the bad reviews. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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