Every Passing Hour

Every passing hour of life gives us joy, pain, sorrow, grief, exhilaration, triumph, and a slew of other emotions that are difficult to describe. We all work in different capacities. Some people struggle to make ends meet while others flourish continuously. Many people strive for the American dream, and it’s becoming a part of our time where more and more people are struggling to keep and achieve that dream because of high inflation and low pay. Monday, I spent part of the day at a funeral. A woman I admire incredibly lost her fight with pancreatic cancer. The doctor’s misdiagnosed her with Parkinson’s disease instead of cancer. Her diagnosis was like deja vu with my father when he, too, suffered a misdiagnosis.

When most of us think of passing hours, we watch the clock go so fast because our day becomes filled with projects and assignments. We don’t always realize or recognize where the time goes because we stay busy. But when life throws a curveball when a business translates into losing time with the people we love most, it becomes an eye-opening experience. One of the hymns we sang at my friend’s funeral talked about every passing hour. It made a point of telling folks that link folks that we are only here for a short time. Spending that time with the people, we love most is something that money cannot buy. Being in the moment with those who leave imprints and legacies upon our hearts is invaluable.

One of the lessons that she gave me was never taking a day for granted. Her philosophy was that anything in life worth doing was worth doing well. She did an excellent job in everything she achieved. But her most significant accomplishment was with her family and those whose lives she touched. She’s only one of many who have gone on to leave this world with a lasting impression. I’ve lost count of the people who made an everlasting impression on me. Every time I look at the church I attend, I see people’s memories that are no longer on earth. I hear their voices from the past, reminding me to use my time wisely. I see the legacies they leave behind through their children and grandchildren. I witnessed the material items they left behind for other generations to enjoy and learn. The men and women who leave the most vital impressions are the ones that did things to make a difference in many lives.

Music and arts are one area in life that people love to help pass the hour. I love background music and noise. It allows me to concentrate, and the deafening silence often drives me bonkers. I enjoy the quiet on occasion, but when it comes to creativity, listening to music and experiencing the art of others gives me a sense of peace. One of the most incredible things about the talents of yourself and others is that sharing them with the world helps you strengthen your understanding of what the world presents.

On this hump day, I hope you can use the passing hours to your advantage. Make the moments count by the actions you show others. If you are having a bad day, try thinking about others that might be in worse situations than you. You are in control of yourself. Take time to enjoy life and the things that matter most, and above everything else, take a few minutes for yourself. Life is too short to wish your life away. When everything feels overwhelming, remember to breathe. Have a great day, everyone.

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