Feelings of Empowerment

We all have those feelings of empowerment when we accomplish something we thought we never would. There’s a certain sense of pride in finally succeeding when you continuously fail at an opportunity. I remember the first time I had to run a mile in under 10 minutes. I couldn’t do it for the life of me. The last time I tried, I was so close I missed it by 45 seconds. It turned out that because I couldn’t run faster, I couldn’t join the soccer team for my high school. But because of that, I found a love for softball. It’s incredible how the little things in life lead us in different directions.

The first time I took Spanish, I struggled with that curriculum. It was hard for me because I had never done anything like that. Now I’ve surrounded myself by people who speak Espanol fluently regularly. And because of that, I’ve been able to sharpen those skills. I honed those skills, and that’s given me a sense of empowerment because I’m finally able to master something that used to defeat me. I’m far from a master of Spanish at this point, but at least I’m learning how to conquer a language that once intimidated me.

The same principle applies to learning to code. I used to hate the thought of programming. When I was growing up, the DOS language was understood and used. DOS scared me half to death. I couldn’t grasp the concepts and thought the computer programming language was for knowledgeable people. I allowed my fear of lack of self-confidence and self-esteem to dictate my success with this particular program. Over the years, I became more familiar with the operating system. Eventually, I learned that coding is not as complex as I thought. It can be complicated the further along you get. But if you’re willing to open your mind to the various levels of knowledge, then it’s amazing how empowering that can feel.

When I was growing up, science was not pushed as hard on girls as boys. Today women are shattering the ceiling of opportunities because they empower each other to learn and do more. It’s an exciting time for women in general. The only limitations we have are the ones we place upon ourselves. In 2018, I took a social media marketing and web development course. I did well in the class. My instructor offered me the opportunity to compete in these state competitions for skills USA. I opted to do it. I was scared to death and didn’t think I belonged with those other people. To my surprise, I came in 4th in the state, along with my partner working with me. We both had skills and worked with each other to take those skills and bring them out the best in each other’s work. I have to tell you that was a very empowering feeling knowing that I could do something that I didn’t think I could.

The bottom line is that we’re all capable of doing things that we don’t think we can. That feeling of empowerment is incredible. Empowering others gives us a voice when we feel we’ve lost ours. It gives us confidence in ourselves, and I believe we can achieve anything we put our minds to if we allow ourselves. If people try to tear us down, empowerment gives us the skills and the tools we need to get up.

A woman I’ve worked with recently has hit rock bottom in the past. She went through a nonprofit organization to help her get back on her feet. She escaped an abusive spouse, a family that turned their back on her, and a job that pushed her away. Since going through the program that she enrolled in, she has managed to get her life back on track. She now has a place to live and a job. She’s choosing to be with the right kind of people to keep her focused and in suitable spaces. Her diet has increased dramatically. She now cooks a lot and eats healthier meals. She regularly volunteers to help others who have been in her situation. She now feels empowered that she can help change other lives.

Word writing text Empower Engage Enable Enhance. Business concept for Empowerment Leadership Motivation Engagement Hand hold green pen and words on white page paper lobs around on wooden desk

Empowering each other can be infectious. Negative energy can also cause more negative energy, but positive energy can cause all kinds of love, resulting in better opportunities and lives. No matter what life may bring, the more we empower each other, the better our options are in this world. Be the empowerment for someone else today because they may feel like they are not capable of anything. So if you see someone struggling, give them a helping hand. It’s that kinds of actions that change the world. Have a great day, everyone.

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