I’m guilty of saying a lot of quips. It’s part of my personality, and I should apologize, but I won’t. At times, I can be cynical and sarcastic, and it’s my vice. I have very little tolerance for people who never see the good in things. I have a customer at the storage facility that I work for who recently lost her home and everything else. I have tried repeatedly to help this woman, and every time I try to help her, she always comes up with excuses as to why she hasn’t done things. She sees the world as a half-empty world. She can’t understand that she can make the changes because her actions consist of wallowing in self-pity. It becomes tedious trying to work with her at times. When someone isn’t willing to help themselves, you find yourself doing everything you can not quipping sarcastic responses.

She gets upset because she feels like everybody is against her. I’m really against people not seeing the good in anything. When everything becomes a pity party consistently, and no one is willing to make the changes in their lives, there’s very little you can do for that person. Sure, you can throw some quips out, but it’s not going to change their perception. I understand it better than people think. Growing up, I constantly compared myself to my family. My parents were highly educated, and it made it intimidating for me because I could never seem to follow in their footsteps. But the thing about that is that when you spend all your time thinking about what other people have and what the world is doing to you, it makes you feel like there is no hope. It’s easy to put yourself down and to think that there is no escape.

You have to make some serious decisions when you get to that point. You have to decide how much of your life will revolve around what other people think and do. The quips that you come up with might base themselves on hurt and sarcasm, but you have to think about things in a different context. There’s a difference between giving up and giving yourself sarcastic phrases and quips that might help you get through a trying time. A sense of humor can be beautiful, especially when it feels like the world is against you. The quips I make have had my friends laugh many times. They are the first to tell me that I’m funny. But for me, those quips allow me to cope with anxieties and depression.

Well, I know that quipping is not always the best thing to do I know that it helps me in the long run. If I can’t laugh at a situation, I know that I’m not doing as well as I need to. If I lose my compassion for people who are down on their luck, then something’s wrong with me. All of us fall flat on our faces at different points in our lives, and sometimes it’s harder to know what to say or do when that happens.

My mother is a master quipper. When her buttons get pushed to the max, her quips flow out of her like a free-flowing river. She is part of why my cynicism has grown over the years. She once worked as a hospital consultant. She would evaluate various hospital systems to get them up to JCAHO standards. JCAHO or Joint Commission Association of Hospital Organizations is the crème de la crème of healthcare surveys. They are the epitome of excellence. Some of the CEOs and doctors she encountered along the way tried intimidation tactics with her to let her know that they were in charge. The problem was that they paid her to tell them what she thought. She was among the many people trying to help save healthcare from providing poor care. Many folks are trying to make healthcare better, and she wouldn’t put up with sorry work. She became a highly revered consultant because she helped bring information to light that otherwise might never change. She used many quips with some of these men and women to get their attention, and it worked. Thankfully, many of those folks are still implementing the changes she and others presented. Their healthcare systems are better for those changes.

So the next time somebody does something that gets on your nerves, and you find yourself quipping, ask yourself if it was worth the quip. If it comes off so that people construe it as mean, then maybe. Especially if the person has pushed every button, you have. But in the meantime, remember that you’re a person of worth. Sometimes people are going to grate on your last nerve. But many people are going through a rough time, and figuring out ways to cope with those times can be challenging. Use quips with caution but don’t forget they can be healthy to throw out occasionally. In the meantime, do what you need to do for yourself and think before you speak. Have a great day, everyone.

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