Common Courtesy

Many of us have all experienced improper behavior. Several of us have done things on a volunteer basis to find ourselves unappreciated and mistreated. When we try to talk about what happened to the people involved, two things will occur. That person will take us seriously, or they will completely ignore what people tell them. These issues are happening to me in several different aspects of my life.

I recently went to the doctor’s office for my follow-up. Everything seemed to go pretty well; I was happy with the results, but the assistant who evaluated me had an attitude and took it out on me. She didn’t want to be there because it was right at her lunch hour, and she was hungry and ready to go. She was craving a cigarette, and you could tell she was in a mood and a half. I used to smoke, and I know exactly how she felt, but the extreme she took was uncalled for because those procedures are not cheap. Everything that we do to make our bodies better can be costly. Many of us strive for a better quality of life than we currently have, and we make provisions for that quality of life.

When I left her, I went to the BJ’s in that area. The cashier must have been having a bad day because she was so rude that I thought, OK do I need to go back to bed? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming because when other people are in a lousy mood, that rotten attitude carries over to the people they interact with over the day.

Certain people I deal with regularly are making decisions that they have not thought through well. They were in a hurry to get something done and didn’t care how it would look or how the presentation itself would come across. Instead, snide remarks got made because someone dared to ask questions about it. That person gets a reputation of being negative even though they’re trying to solve problems before it starts. The common courtesy thing would have been for all parties to communicate, but I forget common courtesy doesn’t exist in some people’s vocabulary.

All of us deal with people who push our buttons. Sometimes it’s easier to deal with them than others. Remember that what that person is going through reflects them, not you. I had someone this past week tell me that we were no longer friends because of something I supposedly said, even though I did not say one word to anybody about anything she and I spoke about in our previous conversations. She based a paranoid assumption on something that happened because the person she interacted with would not give her the time of day. It didn’t dawn on her the person who ignored her did not like her due to her reputation. Instead, she was looking for someone to blame. That person was me. The common courtesy thing would have been to talk to that other person and find out what she had done to make that person, not like her instead of making rash judgment calls.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I do something innocent, and then someone goes off for something that did not happen, it gets old. Common courtesy is something that is becoming a dying art. Too many people are so busy trying to best somebody else that they could care less who they hurt in the process with their accusations or with their insistence on doing things their way without communicating any of their actions.

If you find yourself dealing with people who are not courteous, don’t give in to their behavior. Keep your head held high, and don’t let them make you inferior. Remember, they may be going through a difficult time. The way you respond can help turn the negatives into positives. With most of these situations, I turned a few of their attitudes back around before leaving. Responding with kindness goes further than false accusations and rude behavior. When someone ruffles your feathers, it’s OK to process the behavior. Take a breath and shake off the negative energy. In the meantime, have a great day, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Common Courtesy

  1. I have had a few encounters with this, and I must say it is happening more and more frequently. I think COVID is pulling the kindness out of people. It’s understandable, I guess, but stressful to deal with. Perhaps it is just the Universe trying to help you grow more patience and kindness?


  2. I’m trying but the Universe is trying my patience more and more. I wish COVID would vanish because everyone is on edge. I don’t recall a time in my life until the last couple of years where everyone is getting more snappish and angry with the world.


  3. People were already rude and discourteous before Covid, but now it’s discourteousness overload and on steroids. Communication is now at zero and everyone is super quick to just flip-off not knowing who you hurt or even taking anyone’s feelings in to consideration for that matter.


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