Ice, Snow, and Giving the Butt a Falling Glow

Yesterday was the first day back to work after our snowstorm from this past weekend. I knew going back to work would be challenging because my office doesn’t get scraped. The parking lot looked like a skating rink by the time I went in, and getting my car in and out would present a challenge that I dreaded. When I first pulled into the lot, the car skidded down the hill and kept going. It wanted to slide into multiple areas, but I managed to keep it on track. Once I completed the initial lot check, I made my way by foot to my office. I parked my vehicle beside the door of the office because otherwise, I would have given my butt a christening to kiss the beautiful layer of icy glass beneath my feet. As I entered the office, my left foot decided to create a new dance move and slide into the potted plant beside my door. Hello, butt and ice. It was a little nippy on the derrière.

The forecasters are calling for more snow and ice in the next few days. I think my boss needs to have his mouth washed out with soap for saying winter was almost over before we got hold of this past storm system. The lesson to learn from his words is don’t put it out in the universe unless you want the universe to laugh at you. Every time a vehicle came into the facility, I held my breath for fear they would slide into the building with their car or sideswipe my auto. I tried to walk on the pavement after the sun beat down on the ice for a few hours and found myself almost flying across the parking lot. Then I took the shovel after a few hours and managed to get a small amount of ice cleared up. Snow is a lot easier to move when it isn’t all ice. But when ice becomes the main obstacle, it can be a challenge to clear an area.

Later today, I head to Raleigh, NC, for my follow-up visit. I’m pleased so far with the results and am looking forward to the changes that lie ahead. No amount of ice or snow will derail me from the successful changes in my body and mind that I’m changing. If I fall on my butt, at least I know that I can get up. While falling on the ice is embarrassing, learning to glide on it is something I am proud of myself for doing. Have a great day, everyone, and stay safe!

My view from my office window of the snow and the gate.

One thought on “Ice, Snow, and Giving the Butt a Falling Glow

  1. “Snow fall” here in GA over the weekend was yet another one inch joke – in my area at least. And they are saying expect more wintery weather tomorrow and or Saturday. That view from your office window looks treacherously beautiful!


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