Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The first time I remember hearing about MLK was in school. As a kid, history was not my favorite subject, but the story of MLK made me stop and pause. I can’t imagine what it’s like for my black or African American friends. I’ve never experienced segregated areas or didn’t recognize it if it was happening. It wasn’t until I got older that I experienced racism. When I dated a man who was black, it was like I committed this heinous crime. All I saw was him, I didn’t see his color, but the southern part of the world we lived, not only saw it but penalized us for our relationship. Thankfully, there are trailblazers in history like MLK to not only bring awareness to the social imbalances but to the mindset of where the world was and where it’s going.

Usually, I would be working today. Since a massive snowstorm has swept much of the nation, I won’t be working at my site. The freezing rain and low temperatures make driving treacherous and give people pause before getting in their vehicles. I work at a facility where the building is down a steep hill. It is difficult for people to stop when it ices and snows because of how steep it is down the slope. My biggest concern is keeping from getting injured and having the ability to leave the facility safely once the day is over.

One of the questions you may ask is, “Why is it important to celebrate MLK day?” Here are a couple of reasons. MLK advocated not only for racial justice but also economic equality. This item is essential today. Think about it. Inflation is rising more than it has in forty years. Wages are nowhere near where they need to be, and many companies are fighting to keep wages low while keeping most of the profits. The flipside of that is that many of these companies need extra income to keep up with expenses. There are always two sides to every coin, but there is a lot of corporate greed. Dr. King also advocated for affordable housing and labor rights. These issues are as relevant today as they were during his infamous “I have a dream” speech.

Today may not mean much to many of you, but many people remember Dr. King as a voice for an entire group of people. His vision is still as important today as it was in the sixties. His dream is still coming to life in ways no one expected it to manifest.

We are all people at the end of the day. Some people have the power to change the world, while others can stand up for themselves and still change the world over time. What matters is that we all keep moving forward, making positive changes in the world. As we remember Dr. King, I hope we all remember he spoke for those who couldn’t talk. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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