Be Careful of Perpetual Drama

“Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” If you ever watched “The Brady Bunch,” you know how Jan always hated the attention, Marcia, her older sister, always seemed to receive. Unlike television, real life is overflowing with drama daily. Hell, all you have to do is to turn on the news, and you see violence, uplifting stories, depressing stories, weather yo-yo’s, and all kinds of information that can make your head spin with questions. I don’t think a single one of us on this planet doesn’t encounter some drama, albeit our own, or someone we know. That’s one of the reasons that life is so interesting.

I’ve made no secret that I manage a storage facility. Yesterday, I had a drama queen enter my office. Yes, I’m not exaggerating. She was striking, articulate, and full of energy. Lord, I wish I could bottle up her enthusiasm. Anyway, she came in and wore her Happy New Year hat. That would have been understandable if it was New Year’s eve or the first couple of days of the New Year, but we’re going into the first week. It’s not a common sight. She came up to my desk, perched her boobs on my counter, and said, “We need some excitement around here!”

At first, I thought, ok, what is this lady on because my office is usually tranquil. I don’t get a lot of traffic, and I thought maybe she was sent to spoof me. It turns out she’d been in the hospital with all kinds of complications and didn’t get to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but the way she went about announcing her entrance would have made reality television take notice. Some people have a light so intense; they can’t help but shine anywhere they go. We talked for a while, and I got to know her and her son. She used to be a dancer, and I could envision that because she was tall and didn’t have much fat. She had a long torso, and you could tell that she’d been in good shape. It wasn’t like she was someone that didn’t care. It was the opposite.

As we talked, she told me stories about what she had experienced in the hospital. She heard nurses speak about their lives because her room was near the nurse’s station. She said it was like having a soap opera in a live form in many ways because she learned things about the workers there that she never wanted to know. But she gave me exciting advice. She said that sometimes if we step away and listen to the outside world without letting others know what we’re doing, we learn things that we may never have wanted to learn. However, knowledge is power. She learned of an error that a nurse committed because she overheard a conversation between a charge nurse and the nurse on duty. That nurse gave the wrong medication to a patient. My customer said she didn’t see that nurse anymore after that night. The nurse was likely either let go or put on suspension.

Before the New Year, I went to Outback with a friend of mine. A loud couple was sitting behind me, and all I heard was the woman talk about her cheating ex. Many of us have dealt with cheating, but I swear, she might as well had a megaphone and broadcasted her business all over the place. Listen, I get needing to vent. I’ve had to do it too, and I wasn’t always quiet about it, but I’ve learned the hard way that there’s a time and place for everything. If the last couple of years has taught me anything, we all have issues bottling up, and dealing with them isn’t always easy.

I hope you all take away from today’s blog because all of us have people around us that we could write a book about, and some will. But, life is too short to get caught up in the drama and if you feel yourself getting more drama than you care for, find a walk to walk away. Don’t let others suck the energy out of your system. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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