What Will You Imagine?

Are you a creative person who consistently imagines and brings to life great projects? Have you ever thought about what people like Walt Disney thought when he got his amusement parks to life? His imagination brought to life a world that impacts all of us today. We create worlds and realities that our ancestors never thought possible when we use our imagination. Imagine what the smartphone inventors thought when they first made them. They probably had no concept of how important their invention would become. When computers first burst onto the scene, very few people believed those computer systems could accomplish. The world of AI is consistently evolving, and we haven’t begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

I can imagine how the people who created the pyramids brought incredible architectural structures to life. Many people believe that aliens built the pyramids. I can understand why they would think that because the technology they used to create something majestic is mind-boggling. I watch this one little girl at my church because she is a fashionista. She’s very young, but she envisions all kinds of clothes. If you listen to her talk, she wants to own the catwalk. I do not doubt that she will do everything to make that dream a reality.

I imagine a time when cancer and other deadly diseases become a distant memory in all of our lives. I know it’s probably a pipe dream, but one that I hope will someday come to fruition. Some of the powers in charge feel that the world is overpopulated, but they forget that some of the same people they are wiping out have incredible gifts and legacies they are leaving behind. I imagine a day where our weight issues do not dictate living a healthier life. Imagine if obesity became a discussion of the past. I don’t want to see the world of Wall-E come to life. I imagine the freedom to express opinions without fear of being eliminated or canceled. We may not always agree with each other, but we can’t continue to flourish without one another.

I also see a time where animals do not live in fear of harm without severe repercussions. Our conservation efforts shouldn’t go in vain. It’s OK to want to grow in populations, but what cost? Can we reimagine the efforts of buildings that require repair to revitalize them to their full potential? Instead of wasting our structures, can society imagine ways to put those buildings into productive use instead of becoming dilapidated? Homeless shelters, community centers, educational prospects, and other charitable efforts could become a reality instead of watching things crumble.

The arts could use a fresh imagination because of the repetitive nature of stories told on the air. I don’t know how many times a show can reboot before a new idea can take over. It has gotten to the point where many storylines repeat. Fresh concepts and more engaging entertainment are something that I can imagine. If you look at children’s books, many incredible stories spring to life.

This year I hope that you can bring to life the things you imagine if they are positive. If you are experiencing negative images, I hope you can put that energy behind you and find something that helps you flourish and be your best self. We all need energy that spreads like wildfire in the positive realm. Use your imaginations to incite changes for the better. After all, we only have one life. Let’s live it wisely. Happy New Year, everyone. It’s going to be an incredible year!

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