Getting Back To My Roots

Somebody told me recently that I needed to get back to my roots. I’ve been struggling with different concepts and viewpoints, and it’s been hard to discern where my mindset should land because my mind is constantly moving. Sometimes I think when we feel lost, the best thing in the world we can do is go back to something familiar that reminds us of our childhood and the roots that helped us grow along the way. Anytime we all struggle, it helps to put things back into perspective by taking a step back.

Several months back, I had opportunities professionally that would have been life-changing. But the problem for me is that it wasn’t the right time in my life. Something about the offers didn’t feel right to me. A good friend reminded me that it was because I was stepping away from the things that grounded me and not being able to discern the best course of action.

Staying true to our roots is simple. We have to remember to take care of ourselves and be smart about our decisions. This action stems from being honest with ourselves. Morals and values are our compasses. I recently read an article that said that roots are attached to individuals and not communities, which is true to a degree. The thing is that when you grow up in a small rural town, people tend to know you, and it helps shape who you are. You might go onto a big city, but that element of the small-town life is instilled in a person whether they like it or not. Everybody knows who you are and what your business is in small towns, even if it isn’t their business. There’s such a thing as people being too nosy for their good. Unfortunately, part of that scenario plays into our lives more than we care to admit.

Roots aren’t the only thing that makes people what they are. Just because a tree or a person grounds themselves with their roots doesn’t mean that they’re not able to branch out and grow. Everything about our lives has the potential to grow past our previous experiences. If we cultivate our lives with good soil and nutrition and have the right ingredients to prosper, we can grow so much more than if we were stagnant. There are many arguments for why people shouldn’t get back to their roots and communities. Still, getting back to my roots has helped me appreciate the conversations with other people. They are sometimes going back into an opinionated area when you may experience many different viewpoints is precisely needed. I say that because if you get yourself involved in those kinds of arguments, you can see for yourself where people are and what they’re willing to learn from and grow. If people are unwilling to change along with you, then use that knowledge to make the world a better place. Just because I’m getting back to my roots doesn’t mean that I’m going back to familiar patterns. All it means is that I’m getting a little more nutrition for the soil so that my roots can keep growing beyond their current state.

Get to know yourself and your limitations because you’re the only one who knows what’s important to you. If you need to go back to your roots, do it for just a little bit, but don’t let your seeds from the past dictate your future. Use the knowledge to make your life better. Have a great day, everyone.

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