Christmas Eve 2021

It’s Christmas Eve. Where has the time gone this year? Tonight my mom and I will be attending Christmas Eve services at our churches. It’ll be nice to hear the Christmas carols and hymns that we love so much. Seeing people we haven’t seen in a while attend Christmas Eve service is always a nice feeling. Celebrating the birth of Jesus is another reason that I love Christmas Eve. While many families are scurrying about getting ready for Christmas for their children, I will enjoy the peace and tranquility of the weekend. I think the best present I can have is time with my mom and be off of work for a little bit without feeling like I can’t take time off.

It gets easy to get wrapped up in the world and its problems. Christmas is a time to celebrate family and love. Sometimes we forget the real reason for the season. I don’t have to be around a lot of my family to know that they love me. I love my family even though I’d often say that I don’t necessarily like them. Maybe it’s because we’re also different that it’s hard for us to have things in common except our bloodline. Still, I wouldn’t change a single member of my family for anything. We may disagree, but that doesn’t mean we think less of them. It just means we have to accept each other for who we are.

I think about the kindness that I see in the world with this season. I hear of the reports of violence across the globe during this time of year, and I shake my head. It seems like a waste of energy to hate people because all that does is in sight more anger. This Christmas, my wish for you is simple. I want you all to be able to experience the love and joy of the season without heartache. Christmas is a time for peace and miracles. When folks can experience the joy of the children when they are opening their presents, there is a feeling of happiness. The happiness of people who give gifts is infectious. Sometimes it isn’t a physical present but actions that mean the most. Over the next two days, my Christmas wish is that you find the peace and happiness that the season helps bring. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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