Holiday Hustle

I swear I think the Christmas holidays are when commercials get worse than ever. It seems like every time I turn the TV on; there’s a commercial for cars or insurance or personal products or alcohol, or even department stores. Everybody has their hand out for money. And then, I saw a commercial for the ASPCA organization, an organization for neglected or abused animals. Seeing the neglected animals just melted my heart and tugged at my heartstrings. I realized that I found myself in a situation of fighting over who to donate to and who not. But isn’t that typical of the holiday scenarios?

The holiday season is when many non-profits need help the most. Everywhere I go, I see a Salvation Army kettle out with ringers. Almost every store I visit asks me to donate to different organizations. I’ve gotten to a point now that if they don’t ask, I’m more likely to contribute if they do not ask me. It gets a bit tiring with everybody wanting money. I want extra money too. My job doesn’t pay hardly anything and they won’t. They give less and fewer incentives each year, making it difficult to defend them with other people. But I look at it as a steady job, and I’m blessed to be working.

Maybe that’s why I see why so many people have to hustle during the holiday season. We all want to shop for the best prices. So many of us can’t afford to do much because times are tight. And unless you’re in that vast majority of people who don’t have to worry about money, you have to penny pinch every penny you get.

I had a gentleman come into my office yesterday, and he wanted to use the truck. Usually, I would try to help someone when I had a vehicle available, but he was an exception. I’ve bent over backward to help this gentleman out in the past, only to end up regretting it later. He was doing his best to hustle the truck usage during the holiday time, and I know he’s going to leave behind a lot for me to clean up because he always does. Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me. He doesn’t get a third strike.

He’s one of many that try to get the most for nothing. I get it. We all want bargains. Money isn’t always easy to come by, and we need to be smart with our spending. I’m not telling people not to donate, but choose the groups you want to contribute to wisely. Not everyone can give to every single charity in the world. But we can use the holiday inspiration of the holiday hustle to remind us that there are needs in this world more significant than what we may encounter. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more I try to remember that it isn’t about the presents but the presence we give to others. Our spirits are full of generosity and hope. Maybe that’s why the holiday hustle is worth it in the long run. It isn’t about what a person gets, but rather what you can give them with your heart. Have a great day, everyone.

One thought on “Holiday Hustle

  1. Yep, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. No third strikes allowed – I’m sorry! In these hard times when everything but our salaries are going up, we definitely need to get smart not just with our decisions on spending and giving.

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