The Light Inside Us

All of us have a light inside. It helps ignite sparks to become brighter or duller throughout our lives. It doesn’t always let us see where the light comes from because sometimes we don’t feel like the light is on. We all have those moments in time where it feels like darkness overwhelms us. One of the things that get challenging is when people tell you to “look at other people’s situations because there are folks that have it worse than we do.” I know in theory that’s true, but sometimes the emotional ramifications don’t always coincide with what our brains are telling us. Maybe that’s why during the holiday season, our lights tend to shine a little brighter because the Christmas Spirit infuses itself into many hearts.

I’ve witnessed people who were jerks do an about-face with their attitudes. It’s almost like the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future visited them. That visit enlightened them to see how their dark demeanor affected those around them. I think several people could use a ghostly visit to turn their behavior around. It’s ironic. When people give off positive energy and vibes, it’s infectious. You can experience all kinds of positive attitudes and great mo-jo. But when the perspectives are negative and full of complications, they can feel depleted. The light inside a person can feel like it’s dimmed or even distinguished. It all boils down to attitude, perception, confidence, and kindness.

I think that’s one of the reasons that passion stems from the light we all have. Sometimes it can be a passionate relationship with someone, while other times, it’s a project that needs continuous work. But that passion is a crucial component to living life to the fullest. Maybe that’s one of the reasons when we all feel passionate about something; we see the fire ignite in our soul. We can feel the push to do more than we ever thought possible and have the drive and ambition to go the extra mile. We see the potential that we bring to the table and yearn to inspire others to reach their full potential.

This Christmas season is disappointing for some folks. Because the holiday is on a Saturday, our company works regular hours instead of having the usual holiday time off. The company is paying us holiday pay, but we’re all still working our regular shifts except Christmas Eve. So many of the employees are tired from working so much. I think they would have instead had a little time to recharge their batteries so that they could keep their light inside going. I would have liked the time too, but I’m grateful to have a job in a volatile economy. In some ways, my light felt like it was a little dimmer than usual until I realized that sometimes our perception of what happens is way off base. The reality is that even when things don’t feel like they are going the way you want, that there are surprises along the way. The light inside us can’t shine if we focus on what we don’t have. When we see the blessings for what they are, our lights reignite.

I hope that the closer you get to the Christmas celebration, you remember that sometimes bad things happen that make it difficult to shine the lights we possess in our spirit. Still, when we focus on the good thoughts instead of the things that make us sad or even angry, then we have the opportunity to shine as bright as the ornaments on a Christmas tree. Have a great day, everyone.

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