Liposuction Recovery Part 5

Saturday was a day of getting used to my new garments. I was so glad I didn’t have to go anywhere. It took some adjustment to get used to the new spandex. It took me about 10 minutes to get into the garment. Then after I got in it, I had to get used to walking around. It’s incredibly comfortable. One thing is for sure though, I will be happy when this whole process finishes, and I have gotten the results that I want and can get my life back to normal.

I’ve increased the amount of chicken I eat and the proteins I take in. I’ve had to start watching all kinds of labels closer than ever. As I’m adjusting to all the new things in my diet and exercise regime, I’m learning to adapt. None of us can live forever, and many people wouldn’t want to, including me. There’s enough garbage going on in the world with all the bickering, violence, and BS that exists that I’m grateful for the little things in my life. I can breathe better since doing this procedure has been worth all the pain and inconvenience.

Saturday, I didn’t go anywhere because a: I didn’t want to spend money, and b: I had no desire to go running around. I walked around the house and did some very light-duty chores. I sat down at the computer and plugged away at the marketing campaigns I needed to get caught up on since I’d been out of commission for a little while. I spent time with my mom and cat and rested a lot. I didn’t realize how tired the procedure and the recovery would make me. I have more energy, but that doesn’t last for long periods.

Sunday was challenging. I went to church and had difficulty climbing the stairs outside of the sanctuary. Once I got into the sanctuary, I started itching at full force. I decided to go to the fellowship hall to watch the service so that no one could see me squirming. I didn’t need to look like a monkey by scratching myself into oblivion.

I left the service and went home. I moved the videos over from the service to the social media platforms and proceeded to go straight to the couch. I thought I’d shut my eyes for a few. A few minutes turned into an hour. Before I knew it, lunchtime arrived. One of the women from the other church I work with came up. I love seeing her and her husband. They are the epitome of kindness. They brought the microchip that I needed to upload the service onto YouTube, and once they left, I could get that taken care of and begin to pack up for the week.

That’s when I noticed that the drain’s area was now leaking more and looked slightly infected. Fortunately, I caught it before it became too much of a problem and got it fixed. Thank goodness for paying attention to what the body is yelling because by being aware, I could solve problems before they got carried away.

After getting the correct meds and dressings for the drainage area, I started to wind down. It’s been a stressful week, but I wouldn’t trade for anything. Tomorrow I’ll update you all on the other things I’m doing to help with recovery. Until then, have a great day, everyone.

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