My Liposuction Journey Part 3

By Monday, the wheelchair and walker combo was finally a distant memory. I could move more accessible and could roam the halls of the house with more energy than I’d had in years. I still couldn’t pick up things from the floor and had to work my way to that task, but I kept moving my body and exerting energy every way I could. My stomach and back would not stop itching. I got the cream from the clinic that they told me would help with bruising and applied it to those areas that itched horrendously. Fortunately, the itching ceased, and I could return to a sense of normalcy, whatever that meant with limited ability. I was also still very sore on my sides, but things are getting a little easier to maneuver each day.

I finally got a chance to talk to a close friend on the phone, and when I told her everything that transpired in the last seventy-two hours, the first thing out of her mouth was, “I am so glad things went well because I had a bad feeling about this and I’m glad I was wrong.” One of the most challenging things that many of us face is the uncertainty of what we try. I have no clue if this procedure will help me fix things causing problems for years. But I do know that in the first seventy-two hours, I was breathing better, seemed to sleep better, and had a better and healthier appetite. I made an effort to make the changes for the well-being of my future.

Tuesday came, and I wanted to get another shower. This time, the effort was much more manageable. I could wash up, wash my hair and let my stomach get about a 30-minute break from the belt. As I walked around the house with no shirt on, I noticed how yellow, battered, and bruised my stomach area looked. Forget having a war zone on my stomach; this looked like a demolition derby had used my stomach as a target zone. I had little feeling of tenderness in my stomach. Everything feels tight and rubbery. After the belt was clean, back on it went. 

Because I was still in pain, I didn’t want to leave the house. Slowly I made my way to different areas of the house and, for the first time, managed to walk upstairs to the office. It was a slow process, but I made it. I filled out Christmas cards to be sent out and got them ready to go. When I got back downstairs, I had a sense of pride for my accomplishment because it wasn’t easy to climb those stairs, with those incisions giving me a hard time. I got the stamps on the cards and went off to the mailbox. Then came time for breakfast and the antibiotic. I won’t bore you with the details of the morning other than that, but I will tell you that itching from the belt has been the most significant irritant I’ve experienced thus far.

I’ll get to take the drain off on Friday, and right now, that day can’t come fast enough. I chose to talk about this in the blog because if you are even considering life action, you need to be aware of what you will go through. If I’ve learned one thing about this journey so far, it’s been that many people don’t talk about their experiences. I think that there is a stigma associated with procedures like this. I want to convey that there are options for feeling better in this world. There are risks to everything we do. But if we truly want something and want to feel better about ourselves, we need to find ways to make them a reality. One of the most significant benefits I have seen so far is that I sleep so much better at night. And the weight is diminishing every day. This choice is not the way I would recommend for just a regular diet. But I will tell you that if you have tried every option out there and nothing works, you need to look at other options if that’s important to you.

I had people assume that I was doing this for vanity reasons. Well, I won’t lie and say my shrinking size doesn’t appeal to me for looks; it was not the number one reason for me to do this. Each person has things that are important to them. Mine was feeling healthier again.

Tomorrow I’ll give you more of an update on how things are going. But for today, I think I will take a little bit of time to regroup. Have a great weekend, everyone.

One thought on “My Liposuction Journey Part 3

  1. Yeah! Slow and steady wins the race – I’m glad that you’re feeling better and the bulk of the pain is just a memory. Listen, whether you did this for vanity or not – IT’S NOBODY’S BUSINESS!!! Your body, your life! People will never stop talking. If you had stayed the way you were, they would talk too – so who cares what they say?! Do what makes you healthy and happy. Have a great weekend!

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