My Liposuction Journey Part 2

Sunday Afternoon was an experience. They say that the second and third days are usually the worst when you have the procedure done that I did. I found this to be accurate. Once the drugs were dissipating from my system, the pain intensified. I was still using the walker but forcing myself to move more, feeling grungy. I hurt everywhere around my middle, but I wanted a shower badly. My mom helped make that a reality. She helped me to the bathroom, and as she helped me get undressed, we emptied the drain from the tube attached to me. I got the water lukewarm so that it wouldn’t be scalding hot against my skin. The moment the water hit those stitches, I screamed in agony.

One of the biggest reasons I chose to do this procedure was to breathe better. People don’t realize those little things like sleeping well start to become problematic when the additional weight keeps getting added. Catching your breath can be harder to do. One of the biggest misconceptions is that people let themselves go. Yes, there is some truth to that, but so many times, life happens. When you have significant traumas and stresses enter your life simultaneously, it becomes challenging to prevent specific issues from occurring. Mindsets are crucial in combatting negativity from affecting our lives. Yet, sometimes life can throw so many curveballs that it’s a complex journey dodging them. Sometimes getting a hint of positivity can be challenging. I lost a child, my marriage, my job, and almost my father in a year. I lost relationships with those I loved most because they chose sides between me and my ex. Often, I was the victim of ghosting, and no one would tell me what the hell I’d done to deserve it. Imagine your support system vanishing without a trace. Eventually, I learned to let go of those people, but it contributed to the issues I was facing.

I chose not to wash my hair on Sunday because letting the water cleanse me was hard enough. Plus, I knew that I would be miserable if that soap hit any of the incisions. The upside was I was beginning to see results and was slowly getting my strength back. The downside was bending over was still a no-no. If I attempted to turn, my sides let me know where the incisions were that they weren’t happy about what I was asking them to do. When I finally got my shower, I had to take the belt off of my stomach area so that I could change out the saturated pads. Let me tell you that when that belt and pads came off, I was stunned when I looked in the mirror. My stomach looked like it had been in a war zone. I hurt everywhere and saw where they attached the drain. I was itching because the belt was irritating my skin, but I needed it to hold its place because that’s how the skin retrains itself to get the contoured shape.

After I got out of the shower, the belt was washed in the washing machine and then dried. I put new pads in place and reattached the belt to me once it dried. I felt like a new person. I chose to sleep in my bed that night. It was uncomfortable at first because since it was difficult to move without causing pain, I learned to position myself whenever I needed to toss and turn. That night I didn’t sleep well until the second half of the night. I can tell you about this journey that there are more people than you think who are doing this procedure. Many of them don’t talk about it for fear of being judged. I honestly don’t care what anyone else thinks. I did this for my health and to help me feel better overall. It’s a decision that I believe is serving me well.

I’ll tell you more about the journey tomorrow. Every day I’m getting stronger and getting my life back. As you go on this journey with me, I hope to enlighten some who are considering this procedure so that they know what to expect. We all have reasons that we do the things we do. Have a great day, everyone.

2 thoughts on “My Liposuction Journey Part 2

  1. Oh dear, I hope you’re out of the pain phase by now, because pain is pain, and I know how miserable it can be dealing with pains and incisions I appreciate the candidness – because I’m still considering bariatrics. I’m too old to be jumping around in anybody’s gym now!

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  2. It’s a process. I’m nowhere near the pain I was in the first couple of days and I hear you about the gym. Thank goodness the drain comes out Friday. They said it would be almost a month before I could take a bath or swim. I’m excited to see where this journey is going to take me through. Thanks for sharing this with me. The support means more than people know. 🙂

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