Classic Embarrassing Moments

Everyone has embarrassing stories. Most people don’t like to talk about them because they are uncomfortable. The thing is that even though they are awkward, we learned from those moments. Sometimes it takes less than graceful moments for us to know in our lives as to what not to do. Or at least theoretically speaking, that’s true. I’ve done some doozies throughout my lifetime, and they almost always involved something to do with men. Sometimes I think that I am like some cartoon characters where my jaw will hit the floor or hide from getting caught. Want an example? I was very disconcerted by a guy I had profound feelings for, and I went outside with my friends because he was the one person I couldn’t talk to without forgetting my name. Every time I’d see him, my stomach would get tied up in knots, my heart would feel like it would race, and my mind went to mush. I wanted to get some cookies before we left the restaurant he works in, so I had one of my friends go in. Dumb and stupid move, I know. Anyways, I sent her a text asking her to get what I thought said cookies. Autocorrect said conkies. Then when I was in there another night, I got the courage to ask if I could call him sometime. He said sure. I left with the biggest smile on my face until I realized that I had to go back in there because I had left my car keys. God, my face was flustered. I couldn’t do it, so one of my girlfriends had to fetch the keys. Talk about embarrassing.

Then another incident occurred when I was driving down the street and had a business meeting attend. I wore a white jacket and was in a hurry. It didn’t dawn on me that my coat got caught in the door. It was pouring down rain, and by the time I got to the interview, my new white jacket had become drenched with mud. I guess you could say I wanted to start a new fashion, don’t. I didn’t get the job and was humiliated at my mistake.

Another incident was when I would do anything on a dare. I met my ex-husband on a dare. My girlfriend had this massive crush on him, and she dared me to sit in his lap. At that time, I did almost anything on a dare. I had no fear. So I did. From that day on, we became friends, and eventually more. But it wasn’t very comfortable because, let’s say, he got a little happy from that experience. Had I known then what I know now, I still would have done it because it made me appreciate how people compare relationships to what it was.

Then there was a time where I worked for Habitat for Humanity and was working in the Restore. I couldn’t find my sunglasses for the life of me and thought that I had lost them there. My boss watched the tapes and couldn’t find any evidence of it. I found them in my car, and I felt like a nincompoop. I felt horrible and admitted my error.

Another classic example involved the same guy I mentioned earlier. I was outside with my friends talking, and he came out to wash the windows at his job. He was not wiping down anything. He was wiping down air and, as I was getting ready to leave the elastic in my shorts, decided it wasn’t going to work anymore. So on my way back to the car, I’m trying to keep my shorts on. I had to hold them with one hand, keys in the other, and pray that my shorts didn’t fall to my ankles. I wanted to crawl under a rock and die of embarrassment.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out of the house wearing mismatched socks, Or clothes wrong side out. I’ve walked out of the house with chocolate all over my face and didn’t even know it. Sometimes we get so inundated with life’s little intricacies that we ignore how we look. So many things on our minds take precedence and should be common sense but are not familiar then.

One of the more embarrassing times was when I went to a race at Bowman Gray Stadium in North Carolina. I had gone to the restroom and did not know that toilet paper was hanging out on my pants. I was so tired from working so much that it didn’t dawn on me about little things like that. Fortunately, I didn’t get very far before one of my friends pointed it out to me. But it was still an embarrassing moment.

I’ve inadvertently turned in the false report thinking that I was handing in the correct one. That was extremely embarrassing because it had to go before the Board of Directors. I thought I was doing the right thing at the time but grabbed the wrong information and sent the incorrect documentation. I’m not telling everybody this to put myself on the chopping block as far as careers down the road. What I am doing is reaffirming the fact that we’re all human. And if we can’t laugh at the errors that we make in our lives, we have some serious issues. Too many things are more relevant in today’s world than to dwell on past mistakes. Sure we all have embarrassing moments, and most of us don’t like to discuss them or bring them back to the forefront. But I think it’s important to remind everybody that we’re all not alone when we do embarrassing things. We all have days that we wish we could take those actions back, but we can’t.

I hope today’s blog gave you a nice little chuckle. I could say I would crawl under a rock down to expose my embarrassing moments, but I own them. It happened. I can laugh about it now and move on.

Tomorrow’s blog is not going to be available. My surgery is scheduled for an early morning time tomorrow. I told you guys that I was having surgery. I will go more in-depth about that surgery after I’ve had it. It is not life-threatening, but it will help me down the road. I will be out of commission for about five days. So the next time you should see a blog from me will probably be Wednesday of next week. I hope you all have an incredible weekend and a fantastic Monday and Tuesday. Take care, everyone.

5 thoughts on “Classic Embarrassing Moments

  1. Well, the early morning laughs were really good….looking back at embarrassing moments are the best! So that guy gave you butterflies huh, that you forgot your keys. You should have go retrieve them for yourself, that way you get to see him again. Trust me crawling under a rock doesn’t help one bit, because it wouldn’t erase the fact that the embarrassment it happened! I sending prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

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      1. Oh tell me about what we would have done if we had time machines!!! We might need to write stories about if we had time machines – there is sooooooo much I’d go back to either erase, prevent, set-up – just make it all perfect!


  2. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad you enjoyed the laughs. I thought others could identify with some of the actions. I think we all need a good chuckle over some of the things we’ve done.


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