Black Friday 2021

Yesterday I had the opportunity to plant two gardenia plants in the ground, eat incredible meals and desserts, and spend needed time with family. While I couldn’t spend time with my aunts and uncle or cousins, I am blessed to have had time with my mom. Ever since my father passed, I’ve learned to cherish time with her because tomorrow may not be a possibility. When we started to plant the gardenias, the ground was dry and rocky. It made me think of how relations with people mirror the way the land was acting.

Many people today are seeking incredible deals. Black Friday is one of the days where people score unique bargains, and they have the potential to save on products and other services at a price very few can beat. This year I don’t plan on purchasing many things. Most of my friends have too many material possessions. I’d instead do something that they can enjoy, like a spa day or something that will make their lives easier than getting them things they won’t use or need. Don’t get me wrong. If I know there are things they would like or use, I would get that for them if I could afford to do this, but overall, I plan to make the gifts count for those I care about most.

My mom told me yesterday that she has many projects lined up for the day. I took today off work because I didn’t want to go back to the office for one day. I know I should go in, but sometimes taking a break from the places that drain us the most is more therapy than we could imagine. Please, don’t misunderstand, I love my job, but sometimes it feels like I live there. I might be an hourly employee, but the demands of my job are consistent with a salaried employee. Instead of working forty hours a week, I can usually bank on closer to sixty. After a while, the batteries in the body become undependable. While that’s not a complaint, it is a fact that I’ve had to learn to work with because I don’t have time to slow down or stop. Making myself take the time is a foreign feeling, but it’s a good one.

When we sat down to eat yesterday, my cat decided that she would demand food first. She didn’t win that battle. We put her in a different room from where the rest of the Thanksgiving meal was, and I did give her food, but not the kind she was begging for because I try to watch her diet, and her waistline is like mine; it needs work. We didn’t have the conventional turkey or ham. Since it was the two of us, we did a barbeque version of chicken, rolls, dressing, fixings, and dessert. To say I couldn’t eat another bite is an understatement. No mashed potatoes this year. Sorry cousin Jenny, we wouldn’t fight for them since they were not an option this year. (Jenny and I also fought for the mashed potatoes as we grew up. She graduated to garlic mashed potatoes, but I’m not as fond of that combination, but I do miss the closeness we once had as kids.)

While the projects get taken care of today, I hope each of you has a safe, fulfilling, and incredible weekend. The Thanksgiving holiday is the green flag to the Christmas holiday season, along with Hannukah. You may not celebrate either of those holidays, but I hope that you can celebrate time with those you love most because we’ve all had people in our lives who didn’t make it through COVID and other diseases. Life isn’t a guarantee, but the one thing that we can all count on is that the hustle and bustle of life keep going. People and businesses depend on each other to stay afloat through the holidays and the ensuing year. Without both parties, Black Friday would have a difficult time flourishing. While it’s not about the material things that make the world a better place, sometimes it’s the material possessions that we receive that help makes our lives easier. I won’t dispute that technology has made working from home possible and learning remotely possible. It’s also made our work lives better on every level. The downside is when technology is down, many people don’t know how to function. I hope that we all remember that those vices only fill a temporary void. Relationships can either last a lifetime or a short season. No matter where you are in life, treasure the folks around you. You may not like them, but you learn from them. Don’t stress so hard about the material possessions but do things that matter. The key to this season is planning and listening. Once you do that, Black Friday is easier to navigate. Good luck on your quests this weekend, and remember to breathe. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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