A Matter of Heart

At church yesterday, I half-heartedly listened to the sermon. Our pastor spoke about a matter of heart, and it resonates with me for various reasons. One, in particular, is the time of year we are in now. The holidays are upon us, and this week is the week of Thanksgiving. It’s a time to prepare lavish meals and festivities with our loved ones. It’s a time to reminisce about the things we are most grateful for in our lives, and it’s a time to touch our hearts with heartwarming thoughts and memories. Any way you look at it, we are entering a season of the heart.

I haven’t told many folks, but I’m getting ready for a reasonably serious surgery a week from Friday. Part of me is scared stiff because I know there will be a significant amount of pain to deal with after the procedure. Yet, the other part of me is acutely aware that I’m doing this for the right reasons and will feel much better as my body heals. My heart has been conditioning me to get as many things taken care of before I have this procedure done. My head has been going a mile a minute, wondering if I’ve lost my mind. What is that cliche? I was going to say an oldie expression, but I’ll zip it for the sake of being politically correct. It’s sad when we walk on eggshells because anything we say can and will be used against us in the court of public opinion and law.

I was listening on the radio to a couple of DJs. They were discussing how our society is dealing with so many acts of violence. It’s there in high dosages. But so are people who are doing their best to make a difference in society. These are men, women, and children, along with gender-neutral folks, who assist with food, clothing, housing, mental health advocacy, crisis centers, and many other venues. Because their hearts are doing everything they can to help change the mentality of corruption and violence. Many of these folks don’t see color, gender, or how fat or skinny a person is because they see a need and do their best to fill those voids. Their missions are univocal. They want the world to be a better place, and their hearts are helping restore the hostility with a bit of kindness.

Last week, I had a lot of issues to contend with at work. I was in the most optimistic mood until the end of the week. It took some customers who made me see that their hearts wanted me to smile. Thanks to Gloria and John, I got the opportunity to see the mayhem dissolve before my eyes. Their hearts gave me the strength to continue doing good works even though I was getting myself out of a hole. I spoke to another customer last week who has been trying to stop smoking for years. I mentioned that I had been smoke-free since 2003. She asked me how I did it. I told her the truth. No, I don’t recommend what I did, but I haven’t picked up a cigarette for a very long time and don’t intend on starting back up. I explained that I had smoked my butt off the night before I quit. I was married at the time, but I had the opportunity to go to California for a week and see where my parents lived before I was ever in the picture. I prayed like a fiend for weeks before I quit smoking. My husband, I left my stressful job for a week and flew to a state where the smokes were at least three times higher than in NC.

To say I made myself sick is an understatement. That was the plan. I wanted to get so ill that I never wanted to look at a cigarette again. That entire week I detoxed with my folks. I knew they loved me unconditionally, and I felt safe enough to withdraw with them. That was one of the most challenging and most manageable decisions I’ve ever made. When I came back, I didn’t desire to smoke. My heart and head made the decision. My heart was in the decision for the right reasons, and I haven’t looked back since making that change in my life.

No matter what we do in our lives, our hearts play a pivotal role. If we don’t have our hearts into whatever we’re doing, the chances are that we are not going to be happy. And if our hearts are in it, then people can tell we overcome ourselves with happiness. I don’t know what your lot is in life. All I know is that when you put your heart where it does, the most good, incredible things begin to happen. Getting to the heart of the matter is something we all need to strive for, and as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I hope that you all take the time to share a bit of your heart with those you love most. Don’t let another day go by with what-ifs or let fear keep you from living your best life. After all, it’s a matter of the heart that helps us cope with life’s curveballs. Shouldn’t we use those hearts to hit the home runs? Life is never easy, and it doesn’t come with instructions. But as long as you take the initiatives to use your hearts and heads to make the changes for the better, this world will continue to have endless possibilities. Have a great day, everyone.

2 thoughts on “A Matter of Heart

  1. I resent the fact that we can’t have an opinion anymore! There is always somebody who’s going to be offended or turn around and use it against you at some point in time. Society is just messed up. I know it easier said than done to not worry about your up coming surgery, but trust God, give all your cares and concerns to Him, and He’ll see you through it successfully. I pray that it will go well for you and that recovery will be speedy and pain free.


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