The Little Things Mean More

It’s always the little things that put a smile on my face. Yesterday, one of my favorite customers brought her puppy in to see me. That little dog makes my day every time I see her. I make hers too. Her tail wags and wags, and she licks my face and has so much love to give. Every time I see her, my heart melts with love. Isn’t that the way things go, though? I remember dating this guy, or more like a physical connection with him, and one Valentine’s Day, I received a rose. I had no idea who sent it at first. I gave him credit for it, and he became agitated and jealous. It turns out that the church I was attending sent that rose as a reminder that I meant something to them. That gesture has stuck with me throughout my life.

A few years ago, I saw a show that talked about paying it forward. A restaurant experimented with people in a drive-through where each person paid for the other vehicle’s car. Each person behind them got a free meal. Out of all of the candidates who experienced this, about 90% of the folks paid it forward. I had another example years ago when I was out to a local IHOP, and I was paying for several friends to have dinner. All of the folks in my group did not have jobs except me. There was a very loud and boisterous group beside us. It was late in the evening, and just as I went to pay at the register to my shock, that loud group paid for our entire bill. I was in tears at their generosity. Money was super tight on me. The only time those folks got out to do anything fun was when I took them out. At the time, none of them had jobs or phones that worked well. It was through the kindness of strangers that I could see the good in humanity.

It hasn’t just been with bills that I’ve been surprised. People don’t realize that when we do little things, people appreciate it so much. That person may be hitting on some hard times that you cannot comprehend what they are dealing with in their lives. They may go home at night feeling exasperated and exhausted. I know I did. Those simple acts of kindness reminded me that I wasn’t alone. That people were good deep down and cared about what I was dealing with and how I was. Sometimes those kind gestures change the world for the better.

Little things don’t have to cost money. If you live with others, you might do something to make their lives a little easier. If you see someone entering a building, you can open a door. Kindness helps everyone feel a little better throughout the day. I hope you all receive the gift of someone doing a little thing for you, and I hope that you can do little things for others. It’s amazing how the effect makes others feel and act. Experience the impact you have on others by doing something they don’t expect. Have a great day, everyone.

One thought on “The Little Things Mean More

  1. Random acts of kindness is a wonderful thing and I love those stories. I live by the principle “there’s always someone who has it worst than me” – money and everything else is tight now-a-days, but God always has a plan and He sets things in place and puts kind people in the right place at the right time!


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