Day 4 of Vacation

This week is flying by. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that I’m cramming as many things into my to-do list as possible. I don’t get time to explore much and want to make the most of my time. Yesterday, we had a very leisurely morning. Our reservation wasn’t until 12:15 to go to the winery. What sucked was when my coverage for my store messaged me at 6:30 am and told me she was unable to come into work. I was over three hours away from the office and had no way to get back. I told her to contact our supervisor, and I followed up with him. Thankfully, he was able to access the office and get the store open. But, it didn’t help to think about the office when I intentionally stepped away.

Then, on top of that, the Keurig at the beach house wouldn’t brew. It gave us a funky message that we’d never had before, and neither of us knew what to do. Cathy called the customer service number for Keurig. Now, Cathy, without her morning coffee, is not a pretty sight. When she got hold of a representative, she made it crystal clear that we didn’t own the Keurig. She told the gentleman that we were renting the place for a week. The gentleman proceeded to tell us to take the Keurig back to the store where we got it because there was little he could do. Hello!!!!! We didn’t buy it. Thank God for YouTube. YouTube has the answers to so many problems. We figured out in a few minutes what he couldn’t figure out in one phone call. So much for customer service. Cathy got her coffee, and I got my hot chocolate. We were both tolerable by this point.

We went to a local winery, and I am a massive fan of sweet wines. Duplin Winery is one of my favorites. So, when we opted to try a winery close to where we are staying, my first thought was that it would be awesome to check out another venue. I won’t name the winery because I don’t want to bad-mouth anyone if I can avoid it, but when we arrived, the road was dirt, and the winery required reservations to come to it. There was no one else there other than the staff. We thought we would have a tour of the winery. We did, but it was a self-tour. They gave us four samples of wine. Keep in mind that the wine was drier than we are accustomed to drinking. All I can say is that the Holiday Blend they offered was God awful. I don’t know which of us tried to get that foul taste out of our mouths quicker. It contained a very bitter, vinegary taste that could stand on its feet. I think both of us felt that we were starring in one of the most horrid tastings shows that exist.

We went out on their patio to enjoy the ambiance—big mistake. The bees were all over the place. Not only was one of us highly allergic, but we couldn’t enjoy any of the items presented. The only thing we could do was take cover and hope that things got better. Unfortunately, we weren’t impressed with what we experienced. That’s okay, though. We learned what we didn’t like and went on with the day.

On our way back, we thought it was a good time to grab lunch. There was a local mom-and-pop burger shop that we stopped at, and it was good. I wouldn’t call it Oscar-worthy, but it helped us get the horrid taste from the wine that lingered in our mouths out. After we ate, we found a local gift shop with a pier attached and took a very long stroll out above the ocean while the fishermen fished to their hearts’ content.

We didn’t opt for a long walk on the beach because we needed time to unwind. But the day presented us with new experiences that we will treasure and gave us a chance to recharge our batteries. After all, that’s what vacation is all about, allowing us to get our energy levels back to where they need to be. Have a great day, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 of Vacation

  1. Wow, I can’t believe he told you all to take HIS Keurig back to the store. So is it that he’s renting this place and does not know what he owns in it? But thank goodness for YouTube, it sure saves a lot of us from a whole lot of mess. I call it The University Of YouTube.

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  2. No that was the customer service rep. The owner didn’t bother to clean out the needle in who knows how long. It was nasty when we took it out. Thank heavens for YouTube though. We were able to get it working again after watching a video that made sense. No offense to anyone that has thick accents but when you are trying to learn how to do something, and can’t discern what a person says through thick accents, it can be extremely frustrating. I love your University of YouTube mantra. It’s right on the money! Have a great weekend!

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