Day 3 of Vacation

After that very long walk yesterday, my joints screamed that they hated me. Don’t get me wrong. I loved every minute of it, but my body told me that I was not twenty-one anymore. I woke up around six and saw the sunrise over the ocean. I should have taken pictures of it, but I wasn’t coherent enough to register that thought at that moment in time. I turned the television on, found out what the weather would be like, and chose to get ready for the day’s excursions.

We started our day by fixing breakfast and taking things easy. I wasn’t sure about this trip because I enjoy the beach, but the mountains are my heart. I think the fact that I don’t get to the beach has been helpful. I could discover things that I rarely get to see and that have been reinvigorating and valuable. The beach house that we are staying in has intense rules. I understand the rationale behind their requests, but it still sounds like someone talking to a child instead of grown adults.

We’ve been staying in Ocean Isle, NC. We set out to go to the airstrip for our flying excursion. It was a little disappointing at first because it didn’t seem like anyone was there in the lobby, and the doors appeared to be locked. After finding another customer, we asked what we needed to do, and they told us where we needed to wait. We waited for about forty-five minutes, and both of us were anxious. I think I was itching to get up there more than Cathy was because I felt like I belonged in the clouds. But, the cool thing was that the pilots were highly professional and thoughtful in everything they did. The plane was tiny, and the cockpit didn’t leave much wiggle room. I felt like I was in my element.

After minor adjustments to get inside the plane, Cathy and I were ready for takeoff. The plane took off, and we were on our way to seeing the islands in a different and new light. Fortunately, we had moments in time where we could experience the sights without any interruptions. One of the biggest grievances we had was that we could barely hear the pilot. He would try to tell us about various spots, and it was too difficult to make out what he wanted to show us.

Eventually, we came across several different lighthouses in the area and saw the swampland in a different context. It looked like aliens had drawn out coordinates from where we were over the ocean and swampland. Each scene looked like it was either a puzzle piece or consisted of maps that were yet to decipher. Either way, Cathy and I enjoyed the flight. Although I think I may have enjoyed it more than she did.

After the plane ride was over, we both needed a bathroom break. Thank goodness there were some options for that issue. We made our pit stop, did our thing, and realized the stomachs could use some fuel. We got in the car and headed back towards civilization. We had seen a local sweet shop when we first arrived in town. They had a sign for homemade fudge, and we thought it sounded yummy, so we decided to stop. They closed for the season. We talked about where to go next, and Cathy mentioned she would love a shrimp taco. Enter my phone. I whipped it out and looked up where we could get items like this. Sharky’s Restaurant in Ocean Isle has an incredible menu and ambiance. We ate on the waterfront and watched as various birds came to see us and beg for food.

The day began to get very warm. We opted to go back to the house, charge the phone, and eat some desserts we picked up from Publix. It had gotten quite warm throughout the day. And both of us had on too much because we were getting toasty. Then we opted for another beach walk. Thank goodness for the little things.
We looked and looked and looked for shells. Fortunately, we found one of the more tough shells to come across. We looked to see if we could find more but had no luck.

Sunset at Ocean Isle
One of my very cool finds.

On our way back to the house, we encountered a few things. One – the sunset was incredible. It provided a backdrop of peace, beauty, tranquility, and calm. Two – we ran across a fox and a few deer on the journey back. All in all, I’d say we had a very eventful day. Have a great day, everyone.

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