2nd Day of Vacation

Yesterday was bitterly windy and biting. The temps felt like they were in the ’40s, which generally wouldn’t bother me, but we had a noreaster to deal with, and the winds were all over the place. It wasn’t fun to step out on the pier because the wind was so intense that you couldn’t hear anything around you and felt like you were about to be lifted into a scene from the Wizard of Oz where the house disappears with a tornado and takes Dorothy to Oz from Kansas. The first couple of nights in the beach house made it feel possible because the house shook and had its dance that only the weather knew the song.

Cathy and I decided we would go to the aquarium today. Much to our chagrin, they are closed on Mondays. Then we thought we’d go to a local winery. They too are closed on Mondays. So, we decided to take a trip into town and do some sightseeing. The nice thing about exploring an area you haven’t been to previously is that there’s always something for you to explore and see. We took time to talk to some of the locals. And saw many different kayakers and boats out on the water. It was a little too cold for surfing, though. Maybe not for those who are used to cold water and weather, but for those who may not find themselves acclimated to those conditions, it can be questionable whether they want to tackle that option.

We opted to walk on the beach and search for seashells. We are both kids at heart and thought it would be a great way to get exercise and sort through the drama we currently face. We found public access near where we were staying and walked for a while. We found a few shells and decided that we were getting hungry, so we went back.

Pelican on the ocean

Yesterday, we took a very long walk on the beach. It was a day of several firsts for me. I’d never found a sand dollar until yesterday. That’s a lie. I found one as a kid, but the ocean stole it back from me. Then on the way back to the steps, I saw a pelican riding the waves in the sea. I was stunned.

I’d never seen a horseshoe crab up close, but that changed yesterday when I stumbled upon three of them. Sometimes it’s the little things that make me happiest. And as we were walking back, we found what looked like a crab. I posted it on Facebook, and a friend told me that it was insect kin to the stinkbug.

Horseshoe Crab

Some of the local restaurants and eateries were fun to check out. On the website, most restaurants and stores require masks, but we found virtually no one wearing one once we got there. The rules at the beach were more lenient than they are back home. It took a little getting used to with the looks we got from the locals.

One of the things we decided to do was look up the top things to do while in the area. Later today, we are going to take a plane for a tour of the island. We will also venture to a local winery, go to a museum, and a planetarium. This adventure is one of those times in our lives that we both recognize we need to enjoy life and not think about money. Yes, it costs money to do different activities. But, living life to the fullest also means that sometimes you need to spend money to get the most out of the experiences you can.

So today I will have many adventures that I will tell you about tomorrow. But yesterday was a therapeutic venture that I will cherish forever. Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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