First Day of Vacation

Today is the first day of my weeklong vacation. When I went to the beach with a friend, I didn’t realize how exhausted I had become. We’ve both been dealing with the hustle and grind of the office. And like any other job, there are issues. But I didn’t realize the enormous complexity of issues that plagued her mind until this trip. Now I share in her anguishes because she knows of disturbing and thought-shattering instances to both of us. Working a routine can be daunting enough, but when we find that people we care about intentionally did something that benefitted them while screwing over a company, well, it makes the two of us want to puke.

I won’t divulge any details about the incident, but what I will say is that knowing acts that should never occur isn’t a fun feeling. I think that’s why both of us will take the time we need to regroup and figure out where to go from here.

We made the trip to the beach on Saturday. The weather was overcast and cool, extremely windy, and gratifying by getting the hell out of dodge. When we got to the beach house that we were renting, the wi-fi wouldn’t connect. The residence is exquisite. There is ample space; the color scheme is one of pure bliss and relaxation. The view of the back of the house provides a canvas of the sound, while the front offers an incredible ocean backdrop. You can smell the salt air the moment you are outside, and the oceanic sounds provide a sense of warm waves of peace that surround your soul. We ordered from a local Italian restaurant last night and didn’t bother to open a bottle of wine because we were exhausted. I don’t know which of us was more enticed by the sound of the sheets. Because, by the time we both went to bed, it was difficult to wind down. The sounds of the house and the knowledge we both learned were both alarming and sickening.

The deck offers a view of Adirondack chairs that allow you to feel enchanted. When sitting outside, a couple of cranes are on the edge of the sound-making their rounds with the animals’ surrounding homes bring beauty. When I woke up this morning, seagulls were flapping over the beach house, and the wind was whipping the house, providing a lullaby of tranquility. The only thing missing was the sun greeting me with a sense of getting my butt up and in gear.

This vacation is providing me with a sense of rebirth. I’ve been slogged down with stress and couldn’t get anything in gear because I had no way to take a step back and change my environment. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months. Life decisions are not always easy but necessary for growth.

I hate being poor so much, but I’ve learned that money doesn’t buy happiness. Many people might dispute that philosophy, but the truth is that money only lasts for so long. You can’t take material possessions with you when you die. Yes, money provides for the here and now, and it’s an essential facet of our lives, but it shouldn’t be the only thing we live for because money is only part of what makes us have better lives. How we treat each other goes a long way too, and not being hypocritical is crucial to living our best lives.

As I embrace the start of this vacation, I hope you all have an incredible Monday. I know many of you are at work, and I can attest that work and family can stress you out to the max, but don’t forget to find ways to take care of yourself. You can’t fix everyone else in this world, but how you live with the decisions you make are in your control. Have a great Monday, everyone.

One thought on “First Day of Vacation

  1. Oh my gosh I want to be where you are – I long to feel, smell and hear all thing ocean!!! Hope you and your friend get some much needed rest, rejuvenation and restoration from this vacation. Enjoy!


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