Most people have someone who makes them feel shivers at different points in their lives, whether it’s good or bad. I have people who make my skin crawl because I think such an evil presence exists in them that they give me shivers in the wrong way. And then I have one person in my life who is one of the most complex individuals I’ve ever known, and he gives me shivers every time at the thought of him because he makes me so blissfully happy. He frustrates me but yet puts a smile on my face; it’s hard to deny. And even though complications exist for us, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still get to me after all these years. I can think about him, and I will get goosebumps up and down my entire body.

Then there are the shivers that we get because of the weather. I am more prone to cold weather because, for me, cold weather makes me feel alive. I enjoy the crispness of the air and the sting of the Winter breeze. I love seeing how all the leaves are off the trees, and you can see so much further than you can in the Spring than in the Summer. There are so many homes that I’ve been able to spot from the road. The leaves are all vacant from the majestic trees. It gives me shivers up and down my spine every time I see the waterfalls get frozen because of how cold the temperatures are.

I experience shivers when there are people in my life who do things that are questionable behavior. Sometimes it makes me feel helpless when I see them participate in harmful acts that cause people to feel bad about themselves. When people do deplorable behavior, that gives me the shivers because it’s inciting more damage to people’s psyche.

Shivers don’t always have to be a bad thing. The thing I like about shivering is that it keeps us alive with feeling. When we can trust our gut to know when those shivers are good or bad, we know how to direct those shivers. There are so many things that can provide shivers in our life that it depends on what you love and what touches you the most. When I taste the most succulent desserts, I can feel my body shiver with anticipation of knowing that my test buds are going to experience the most incredible, delectable, and inspiring dish that I’ve ever tried. When I hear certain music melodies that touch me in various ways, I get shivers. When I feel a hit song before it even becomes a hit, I get the shivers, and when I walk into a room that supposedly has been haunted and can usually feel some presence, the same thing occurs. Maybe it’s in my mind, or perhaps it’s real – I don’t know, but what I do know is that when my body feels the temperature changed dramatically in a room and I didn’t even know someone had died in there and later find out someone did well let’s say there’s a little too much coincidence for my taste. Especially when I know in certain circles, people tend to believe there’s no such thing as coincidences. I tend to think that coincidences are not always a coincidence; there’s usually a link.

I get shivers when I get love from an animal. There’s a little puppy that 1 of my tenants has named Zesty. That puppy loves me, and she gives me shivers of delight every single time she comes running to me because Zesty hears my voice, and she’s happy to see me. She makes me feel like I’m important enough to her to greet. Her act brings me joyous shivers, which in turn makes me smile.

We all have things in our life that give us shivers. And as I mentioned earlier, not everything will provide you with good shivers. But the things that do, I hope you embellish that time. It’s those moments that make life a little bit happier. The joyous feelings are the ones that we take for granted too many times. So today, I hope you experience incredible shivers of joy. Have a great day, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Shivers

  1. Spring and Fall are my seasons. It’s oddly strange that Georgia weather is cold and in the 40’s this early. Normally we don’t get these temps until after Thanksgiving or some time in December – we are just not ready for it!


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