The Beauty of Fall

One of my favorite seasons is the fall. The leaves all begin to change color; the trees become a little barer just as the winner is approaching, and the birds are chirping away in ways that they’re letting each other know that the seasons have changed. The flowers for the fall are in bloom, especially things like moms and other flowers and plants. The roses outside of my window are multiplying and thriving with this season. There’s an aroma in the air filled with various senses. I can smell cinnamon and all kinds of spices used with the candles and baking different goods. Everything around me feels like it’s comfortable and a good spot for a home.

Today is Friday, and it is a day of winding down from the week and gearing up for the weekend. I live in the country, and I prefer being in the country because things are calmer. I can become one with the land without feeling like I’m suffocating by too much congestion in traffic and people. The only time I encounter it is when I have to go out in it. Usually, on Friday I’m at work until 6 o’clock. But for the next two Fridays, I get to be off. Unfortunately, it’s time to go to the doctors for various checkups, but the upside is that it allows me time to get some other things done.

One of the things I want to do is make a trip to the mountains. It’s getting closer to the time for apples to be ready in the hills, and there is nothing like apple picking. I can almost smell all the apples now, which are ready to be picked and eaten. The best part about this time of year is that attitudes change just a little bit. I love motorcycles and having an opportunity to go up to the Blue Ridge Parkway on a bike – well, let’s say there’s nothing like it. Not only does the wind whip through your hair, and you feel everything a thing that nature has to offer but being able to see the beauty all around you is difficult to describe unless you experience it for yourself.

So as I embark on the challenges of relaxing and getting some other things done simultaneously, I hope each of you is ready to embrace the fall. You might get the chance to go to a pumpkin picking patch. Maybe you’re gearing up for Halloween and looking at all kinds of costumes. Or perhaps you are planning events for fall festivals. No matter what you do, know that everybody has their goals for the fall. I hope you all have a blast this weekend. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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