I think most of us take power for granted. We need the ability to have the lights on or keep our phones charged, or stay in contact with one another. We need the power to cook with or do essential everyday items like laundry, washing dishes, or even simple things like blow drying our hair. Whenever I’ve heard the term “power,” I’ve always thought of what it meant for something that I needed, and it didn’t dawn on me that power can mean so many different ways until the last few years. When I think of power now, I wonder what context it’s used in because if you think about it, politicians have power, people have power, causes have power, and so do circumstances. It’s all in how you perceive the Word Power.

Because I’m religious, I believe in the power of God. Maybe other people disagree with me, and that’s their right; however, for me, God has given me the strength within myself to recognize the gifts that I have can be used to help other people. There’s always power in that statement because when you feel like you are helping others, it gives you a sense of pride and purpose. I think all of us feel like we contribute at different times. So many of us have been striving to come through for our neighbors and friends, especially during the pandemic. Most of us look out for each other, but sometimes people we know need help, and it feels good to come through for other people. Helping each other is not about race. It is not about gender, and it is not about whether someone is disabled or any form of discrimination. It’s about helping people, and there’s power in that because when we support one another, we help uplift each other. It’s those kinds of principles that have helped me get through some rough days.

When I look at people, and what they can contribute, my first thought is not about money. It’s about skills because each of us can do things. I am not the most gifted person when it comes to fixing things such as plumbing, electrical issues, or anything along those lines. I can read a book, and I can figure out how to do many things, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to have high skill sets with them. Nor does it mean that I have the power inside me to want to take on a project that is way above my skill set. It does mean that I’m willing to learn from other resources.

Some of the organizations that I volunteered with have amazed me at their power in their communities. If you look at organizations like Habitat for Humanity, it’s impressive to watch how everyday people can come together to build a home. There’s a lot of power and strength, not just physically but emotionally, involved with each of those people. Their energy is infectious, their time is valuable, and their attitudes are so positive that it’s something that I wish could be captured because all of us need that reinforcement in our lives. When I look at the people who do volunteer work with various organizations, I’m amazed at the power they hold with other people. Not necessarily over them, but in mentoring positions and an influence, it’s almost indescribable.

Power comes from within our hearts and souls. It also comes from electrical surges and adrenaline, but no matter how we look at power, we must remember that power is what we make of it. Athletes utilize tremendous energy when they do all kinds of skills. If you look at gymnasts, bicyclists, triathlons, or any athlete with serious muscles, you can see their power. It takes years of strength, endurance, and conditioning training to achieve the kinds of muscle tones and mass that they acquire. But psychologically, their power is mental on top of being physical. I think that’s why it’s so important to me to understand or not necessarily understand but to recognize that power is all something we all have. We can change the world, our hearts, our minds, and our attitudes. We also can help each other. The question is not what we do with the power, but how can we help each other have the most power possible? When I see people bullied, it angers me because the power of their voice is taken. The bullies are setting a tone that makes those individuals feel weak and insignificant. People have the power to stand up for what they believe in with their morals and values. It’s also the ability to do the right thing even when the right thing is in question.

Power should not be about race or gender, or sexual orientation, or even if someone is disabled or not. Unfortunately, the reality is that white power is a problem. Racial equality is something that we still fight for today, and life isn’t simple. Educating each other is powerful and is our only hope for making the future better. Power should be what’s in the heart and the ability to help and to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. I have a customer whose emotional power is depleted. She is so tired from trying hard to do the right things. Life has not been good to her. She had to fight her way through tooth and nail to achieve any success. She’s lost her home, her car is on its last leg, and she’s doing everything she can to keep it together. I brought up some opportunities to her today, and it was like watching someone who was constantly coming up with excuses turn me down. When I told her that when she gets the mindset that she wants to achieve something, she’ll do it, it was like a light switch went off in her head. She told me that she loved to create websites. And when I mentioned to her that she might want to look at doing that under-the-table, she said I wouldn’t even know how to begin to go about it. I told her she could start by going to the library to use the Internet because the library is one of the best resources. Granted, she wouldn’t be able to use it the whole time, but it’s a start.

We all have the power to make a difference in somebody’s life, and today, my hope for each of you is that you can make a positive change for somebody who’s struggling. I don’t know what your stories are, and I don’t know the situations you’re in, but I have learned that every time you think your problem is bad, there’s always someone out there whose situation is worse. It takes a few minutes out of all of our days to make a difference. Use the power that you have internally to your advantage. Help somebody you usually wouldn’t have helped, and along the way, you might find that you’re helping to change the world. Power comes in our choices, and it also comes in how we assist others. It’s a new day, and each day brings new opportunities. Something tells me that once you do that, you’ll see just how powerful your actions become. Have a great day, everyone.

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