Any time you market a place, a person, a business, or anything in this world, our current society terms this as a brand.  When I think of the church, I don’t think of it as a brand.  However, when I post the church’s events or announcements, it all is presented as a brand.  Marketing has gotten really interesting.  We are being conditioned to see the world in a network marketing light. 

Our live streaming helps to promote our brand.  Now, before you are ready to start yelling and saying the church isn’t a brand!  Let me stop you.  We are all being considered a brand.  Jesus, in many ways, is considered a brand.  Is that right?  It depends on your perception.  Jesus and his disciples marketed  God in many different ways.  They allowed themselves to show God’s work in the temples, the streets, in homes, and through people. 

Jesus had his own type of marketing.  He told the truth and his followers were drawn to him.  Marketing is its own worst enemy.  In our times, marketers tend to stretch the truth and only show what we want to see.  They don’t show the entire continuum.  They are fixated on selling.  Some might argue that the church is selling salvation for souls.  The real question becomes: are we marketing worship and able to reflect and demonstrate God’s true messages? 

When the church has events, they communicate them through social media and word of mouth.  This is to engage people who are interested in what the church has to offer.  Jesus doesn’t need to market events.  Our lives are the events.  We are the keys that God has put in place.  We just need to learn to open our eyes to see where the doors are.  Keys only work if the door is the right fit.  I have friends who are atheist who say there is no Jesus and they are tired of hearing about him. 

My answer to them is the same.  “For someone who doesn’t believe you believe that there is no God so you do have a type of faith.”  Most of the time we agree to disagree.  But have you thought about how God uses all of us to market not just his church, but to market his love for all of us?  Have you thought about how all the missions that God allows us to provide are a networking tool for his children to expand his message?  God provided the original social media.  He taught how to market Jesus through Jesus himself and through the writers of the Holy Bible.  No offense to mainstream media but how many disasters have left nothing untarnished with the exception of a Bible, cross, or Biblical pictures? 

When the devil taunted Jesus during the season of Lent, the Devil used all kinds of tactics.  Jesus knew that his actions would affect all God’s children so he taught by example.   We are learning how to be better Christians but that doesn’t mean that life is easy.  I don’t care how much a marketer makes something look pretty.  The brand may look beautiful on the outside but on the inside, it could contain poison.  There has to be a balancing act not only for effective marketing but effective worship as well.  We have to see we have faults before we can sharpen them.  We have to look beyond the package and see the content.  And just as importantly, we have to understand that marketing, spreading God’s love, and opening ourselves up to society can be fearsome.  But at what cost to us? 

This week one of my very closest friends who is on disability had their car stolen.  It happened just before a snowstorm hit.  He drove a car that thieves are targeting.  Marketing played a role in their perception of the brand he owned.  To those who stole it, I hope that you really needed that car because there are always consequences to our choices.  We study people’s body language.  We study their actions and their patterns.  Marketers use this information to go after what people want.  It’s a way to engage them before the consumer even knows what happened.  This is one way that even crooks begin to salivate for what they covet.  Monetary things will only take us so far in this life.  You can spend money, make money, and even steal or have money stolen and at the end of the day, you have to be alright with yourself.  If you steal from others, what are you really gaining?  Do you think that there won’t be a day of reckoning?  If you are so greedy that you hang onto things because you don’t want others to have or share in those things, then what makes you feel great about those decisions?

We are a world of inner turmoil.  We are consumed with a need to show others what we have and even rub salt in the wounds.  Yet God is none of these.  He knows that we are a society of hurt children.  That’s why he uses the church and the unchurched to market his love for all of us.  Human kindness can evolve into one of the most powerful marketing tools – love.  When you have love, it is the most dangerous of weapons.  If you love your brand, it will shine through.  If you love your partner, it will show in everything you do and if you love God, you will find that the world will never market itself the same again.  For with God the brand never looked better or tasted sweeter.  God doesn’t market false propaganda.  He only markets unconditional love and there is no greater brand to experience. 

Have a great day, everyone.  

2 thoughts on “Branding

  1. Everything and everyone is now a “brand”. This shift came about mostly due to social media, because everyone is now making and selling something that they created, not limited to themselves. It’s now common place to hear someone say “I’m a brand” or you’re “representing my brand” for just about any foolishness, so why should anyone be questioning the church for marketing its brand and events? If anything else should be marketed/branded it’s the church, especially in these last days.


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