Taking a break

This week has been rough. My boss called to tell me that I would not get the raise that I desperately needed. Instead, my boss gave me this excuse about all these other benefits even though my company doesn’t do evaluations nor do they do very many raises, and the only way you can get a race is to take a bigger store. So I realized that I needed to take a break.

Since I’m dealing with the emotions of exasperation and frustration at the moment, I decided that I was not going to write a very long blog for the next few days. So let me leave you with a final thought. When you are at that point where the whole world feels like it is compounding on your chest and you’re about to erupt like a volcano, take a break. Everything in this world is going up in price. Many companies are still in the mindset that it is of the 1990s instead of 2021. You’re not going to be able to change other companies, but you can change what you do.

Instead of reacting to this newfound knowledge, I’m taking a little time to gather my thoughts and proceed forward. Sometimes we need that reminder of why we’re making ourselves far more educated and knowledgeable. I have to thank them for that because I was beginning to slip into complacency.

While I explore new areas, I hope to find some opportunities that best meet my needs. I don’t regret pursuing further opportunities in my growth. Today is one that I’m going to use wisely. And I hope when you’re feeling the pressure from all ends that you remember you are not alone. People from all walks of life are struggling right now. The key is to keep pushing forward. Have a great day, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. That sure sucks!! What a bomber?! The audacity to bring up benefits? How about the benefits your bring to the company? I would definitely explore other options as well. Okay, I’m done, this got me worked up.


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