Overcome by Beauty

Many things in this world are beautiful. When a child is born, they are attractive because they are pure. Their innocence is something that many would like to find a way to bottle up and sell because once the innocence of a child disappears, the beauty and wonder of that child changes as well and morphs into something else of beauty. The cycles we experience throughout our lifetimes can be beautiful and horrific at the same time. We imagine beauty in so many ways that what is attractive to one person may not be beautiful to another.

I am a nature girl. There is nothing better to me than smelling the fresh air and experiencing the sights and smells throughout the different seasons. Each season contains a diverse beauty. The winter has the beauty that mother nature provides in the snow and ice. The barrenness of the trees exposes a beauty that showcases that we structure our surroundings with the bare minimum. Still, just like the seasons provide the leaves and further growth, our bodies morph into more robust or weaker cases over time. None of us are immune to our mortality. We all will perish at some point. But the beauty is in life itself. We go through the joys, sorrows, trials, tribulations, embarrassments, humiliation, accolades, and disappointments. At times we bare our souls just like the winter bears the trees and plants. We are exposed and vulnerable. We are subject to abuse or love. But if you provide yourself with the right environment, love creates an almost indescribable beauty. The barest trees often offer the lushest beauty when given suitable soil, water, and attention. The land is the same way. I’ve watched as some of the grounds around me have become brittle.

There is a cow and horse farm located down the street from where I live. The animals were cared for, the land tended to, and the scenery was enviable. Over the last few months, something drastic changed. The pasture is growing up; gone are the horses and cows, there is no evidence of care insight, and the place appears deserted. It saddens me that one of the most beautiful places in this area is rotting away, and no one can fix it. The current owners must be in financial distress because I’ve never seen the place look like the jungle it’s becoming. There used to be an incredible set of trees that grew in the pasture. You can’t see it from the road now because of how high the weeds are getting, but you can imagine the beauty that existed before its deterioration.

Then there is the beauty of unconditional love between our pets, our children, significant others, and other networks of support. Not everything is picture perfect. Sometimes the images we paint in our lives are full of contrast, emotional challenges, and interpretations. Yet, there is an unmatched beauty throughout the expressions that we get from the people, animals, or things in our lives. We all have different triggers. Some of us laugh at the drop of the coin, and that laughter can be infectious. Some of us are so serious that nothing seems to penetrate our walls of defiance. There are places and times where this can be a beautiful issue. But there are also times in our lives where letting our walls down for a small window of time is stunning.

I went into my backyard a little while ago and found some more figs on the fig tree. It’s a beautiful sight to see when the figs are turning, but it’s also a battle with the birds because they crave figs as much as the ants do. In a way, it’s beautiful to watch them feast upon the tree because nature is supplying them with a bountiful feast to appease their hunger. We may never know what is attractive to the world, but we know what’s beautiful to each of us.

Music is beautiful to me, just like art is as well. I love pieces that show what the artist felt when creating their work. Allowing someone into your emotional arc is brave, daring, and shows true beauty. Sometimes sharing our art or music helps others understand they aren’t alone in experiencing raw emotions.

Food is beautiful too. If you don’t believe me, watch shows like Master Chef. It’s amazing how ordinary people can transform simple ingredients into masterpieces. The men and women on these shows are becoming extraordinary chefs over time, and they are taking themselves into dimensions most of us can’t begin to fathom. The world of food and wine is complex and diverse, but it’s beautiful to watch the most intricate ingredients become a masterpiece of artful color, exhibition, and taste.

Watching children grow is another area of beauty that I love to see. Even though my children never survived, I enjoy watching the kids in our church change over the years. You can see their independence mature over time, and it’s incredible to watch as their transformations occur over time. There’s one young woman in the church that my father saw becoming a leader. When she and her brother first came to the church, my dad looked at me and said, “She’s going to be a leader one day. You can already see it forming in her.” He knew her brother would struggle, but he never doubted her abilities. He was right on the money. She is becoming a leader. Her heart is as big as her body, but she pushes herself out of her comfort zone. She’s serious but enjoys life. Watching her grow has been a privilege.

Nature is one of the most significant sources of beauty. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing. If I’m experiencing the outdoors, I often see sources of beauty. Sometimes it might be a butterfly coming to say hello, or a cardinal landing in a tree. I might see a squirrel come by seeking food or have a hummingbird get close to me. Often bees will land on the flowers and do their bidding while the occasional grasshopper gets my attention. No matter what kind of animal I see, I’m overwhelmed by the beauty that life provides us. It’s not just the physical beauty that we experience.

Life gives us the illusion of beauty. Sometimes we experience what we want to because we don’t want to acknowledge the truth. The truth can be hurtful, especially when we only want to look at the exterior points. It took years for certain corporations to recognize that pesticides used in various types of farming caused different forms of cancer. The crops looked beautiful, and the food appeared safe and beautiful, but what so many consumed for an extended period contained harmful chemicals. After extensive research, numerous studies found many links to the chemicals and various types of cancer. If you want to learn more about that information, you can go to the following link. Click here for more details. 

I hope that you can find the beauty all around you today. Savor the times with those closest to you. Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings and see if you notice things you didn’t notice before. We often walk right by things that are beautiful because we have our noses stuck to our phones or tablets. This world is full of attractive opportunities. Create a virtual snapshot in your mind of the people, animals, places, and things around you that possess beauty. Beauty changes every day. That’s one of the reasons that nothing stays the same. People age every day, and their beauty evolves with their bodies. What’s important is that we recognize the beauty around us and appreciate what that beauty brings to our lives. And if something looks beautiful but is only a facade, decide what type of beauty you want in your life. Have a great Monday, everyone.

One thought on “Overcome by Beauty

  1. Oh wow, I’d hate to loose a beautiful sight in my neighborhood. I hope all is well with the owners of that farm and they can and will restore it, or someone else does. And oh heavens yes, food is beautiful too! You have a marvelous Monday as well.


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