Play the Music

I watched a movie recently called Play the Flute. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a Christian based movie telling the story of a young man and his wife who helped change the lives of the youth group at the church he’s preaching. In many ways the students are the music. They each do things to their own beat and rhythm, and the pastor has the duty to help shape their symphonies.  They are not musicians but rather young people struggling to find their faith. As I watched this movie I was reminded of the difficulties that many churches are facing at the moment. And it’s not just churches it’s other groups. The fact is for any group to succeed it’s got to have continuous activity with the younger generations. Churches have the problem of preaching the gospel, but they don’t always put their money where their mouth is. They expect people to do one thing, and not to do the other, yet when they are faced with their own hypocrisy, they don’t want to deal with those facts.

Those facts include that younger generations are the music of the world. But they aren’t the only music. Each one of us has gifts that we bring to different places, people, situations, and life. We are blessed because we all have talents and gifts. Sometimes I think all the self help gurus, and other organizations that are out there ,to help people find their footing, have fantastic intentions but are unable to deliver the services they claim.

I hear a phrase at my church all the time that we should “love others by living the gospel.” Our pastor gets so excited over that phrase. I don’t share his enthusiasm over that statement for two reasons. The first one is that statement is just words. Anybody can state to love others by preaching the gospel. But what does it really mean? To hear him tell it, it would be that Jesus accepts everybody and everything. Jesus had a way of telling it like it was, but not telling what people wanted to hear. He didn’t have much tolerance for tax collectors. I can’t say I blame him on that one. The second reason is if you look at The Bible, The Bible can be confusing because it’s written by many different men. There are laws that were written that we are all supposed to adhere to. Many groups like to say what you should and shouldn’t do, because you won’t get into heaven if you don’t follow certain paths. They use all kinds of music and arts to get their points across. The truth is none of us know what’s going to get us into heaven until we get there. But the trip there leads to many different things in our lives. Whether we all want to admit it or not, our lives are filled with music that we create and listen to.

Part of the reason that movie resonates so well with me is because there are so many places that are struggling to keep the younger generations interested. All of us are the music of life. When I went into the hospital to have a surgery a few years ago everything around me had a beat. I heard the rhythm of the machines that were telling the medical staff my heart rate and other vitals. I heard the chorus of people talking in the background. I felt the rhythm of people’s emotions based on the atmosphere in the room. Everything around me consisted of some type of music.

Maybe that’s why in our lives music is such a vital part of everything we all do. Music gives us the melodies and the beats to get through a very boring day. It expresses our emotions when we have no expressions left to give. And it also allows us the opportunity to voice our concerns and opinions when words fail us. Maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to concern ourselves with the fact that music is something we all have to play in our lives. And I’m not talking about the physical notes. I’m referring to the moments in time where we do the things that we think we can’t do. We become the people we don’t think that we can. We start standing up for things that we believe in instead of just letting life pass us by. We are the music.

After watching that movie that movie the one thing I learned was that nothing in this world is guaranteed. The movie was not only a tear jerker but it was also a testament to how people shape us in our lives. Sometimes the very folks we fight against are the ones who have the biggest impact. They are the ones who steer us on the roads that we never thought we travel. There have been several people in my life who have fit this role. At the time they got on my every last nerve. Today I’m so grateful for the impact and influence they had on my life. I’m making better decisions because of the impressions they left upon me. And I’ve also learned to never take a single day for granted. I didn’t have to agree with these men and women, but they are the ones who showed me a better route.

When life gets hard don’t forget to play the music. Feel the music and rhythm inside your soul. Remember that you hold the key to changing your futures. And more importantly be open to the changes that life presents. None of us know where our roads will lead to. But I can pretty much guarantee you will learn a lot along the way. What better way than to create the new songs and melodies that have yet to be heard? Some days will be easier than others. People will come and go out of your lives. The important thing is to keep playing. Because we never know what kind of music is affecting others. But if we don’t play any music at all, then no one has a chance to enjoy the moments. Even the most bitter sweet moments in our lives need music to flow. My hope for all of you is that you can find the right music to play at the right time. Have a great day, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Play the Music

  1. It is true that music is a universal language and life is a symphony. We all are instruments and have our parts to play in this great symphony called life. Have a terrific Thursday!


  2. Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday as well! It looks like it could pour down rain here so I’m going to get as much done that I possibly can while I can. I could do without some of the NC humidity though. Maybe I can get the rain to add some melodic beats when it hits the roof! 🙂


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