Don’t Stop Believing

I am a sucker for Journey songs. If you start playing “Wheel In The Sky” or “Don’t Stop Believing,” I am down to jam. The “Don’t Stop Believing” song has resonated more with me in the last few months than others. You see, our society has gotten to a point where everyone is at each other’s throats. I used to believe in people’s good, and now I see more reasons to wonder if our society will ever get out of this funk. I know there are still good acts and kindness, but it’s getting more difficult to find. Maybe that’s why the words of Don’t Stop Believing are so true. If we stop believing in the goodness of folks, then we are doomed to a life of depression. I’m not willing to give in to that concept.

It’s easy to stop believing in what we can’t see. The hard part is to keep your belief in people when you see them acting like bullies. If you don’t believe me, look at how the vaccinated community is looking at the unvaccinated. This topic is susceptible, and I’m not trying to create a firestorm of comments. I will say that society has strong opinions on both sides of the argument, and people are angry about its handling.

Then there are other circumstances where we find ourselves struggling to believe. I’m not necessarily talking about God either. When we try to do things out of our comfort zone, we struggle with our self-confidence and self-esteem. That, in turn, makes it more difficult to believe in ourselves. It’s incredible what we can achieve when we keep our belief in ourselves. We want to control situations, and sometimes that control is out of our hands. What’s important is that we find ways to keep that belief strong.

Time is a friend and enemy to all of us. We often struggle to believe when things don’t happen in the time frame we want. I know I thought that I would have secured a better-paying job and settled down in my life with a family. It didn’t dawn on me that there were other things that I would need to focus my attention on. I got so wrapped up in what I didn’t have that I stopped believing in myself and my capabilities. Instead, I focused on the opposing forces in my life and what those around me had what I thought I wanted. Don’t get me wrong. Families are fantastic, and there is no substitute for people who love you. But that doesn’t mean that families always consist of blood. Sometimes families are those whom you choose. I’m grateful for the people in my life who keep lifting me when life knocks me down. I hope that I am returning the favor for them. But one thing remains certain. When we believe in ourselves, anything is possible.

Life can be hard enough. If you see people struggling around you, maybe give them a chance to open up so that you can understand their situations. If you feel the need to criticize all that you disagree with, then don’t be surprised when karma smacks you back tenfold. After all, we all need a little help believing in ourselves and finding our footing when everyone else is trying to knock us off balance. I believe that we all have the potential to make the world a better place. I also believe that humanity has the potential to help each other through the good and bad times.

Here are some helpful tips I found that might help you get some of the positive energy back into your life and start believing in yourself.

  1. Change your perspective. Are you the type of person that questions whether or not you can achieve success? If so, you might need to change your way of thinking. Wafflers rarely get the confidence they need for extended periods. Be confident in your decisions, stand a little taller, learn to love yourself, and see the world with the glass half full.
  2. Conquer your limiting beliefs. This item might be challenging for some of you. You might not realize that you have limiting beliefs. Take a look around you and see if there are areas in your life that you aren’t willing to budge. If you find yourself looking at the world as strictly black and white, you won’t see the issues in between. (No, I’m not referring to race). I’m referring to opportunities.
  3. Practice self-love. No one is going to love you until you love yourself. This item isn’t always true, but you won’t understand why anyone else loves you if you don’t love yourself. You are a beautiful, intelligent, unique, and resilient person of worth. Maybe it’s time you recognize those traits in yourself.
  4. Create healthy routines. I’ve always heard that if you only eat junk food, then that’s how your body reacts. It’s the same principle in life. If you only surround yourself with junk, then life looks like a clunker.
  5. Unlock the power of proximity. Do you see your goals in sight? If so, don’t run from them. Face your fears head-on because if you don’t, you will always question the circumstances you faced.
  6. Feed your mind. Your mind is your best friend or worst enemy. If you feed your mind with knowledge, then your mind performs well. If you don’t do things to feed your mind, then you can’t keep it sharp. Knowledge helps all of us keep believing in ourselves.
  7. Change your focus. When we focus on goals, we become driven to make those goals a reality. If we fail, then we learn from those mistakes and try again. The point is that we have to understand that there are no guarantees in life. Challenge yourself by changing how you think and focus.
  8. Face your fears. This item goes back to number five. If you never get the courage to face your fears, you will never know what you can achieve. We are all growing in life. Sometimes our growth is more manageable than others, but we have to face things that we are uncomfortable with because if we don’t, there will always be the “what if’s” that we face.

Every day we have on this earth is a gift. Don’t give others the satisfaction of knowing that you are questioning your worth and abilities. You matter. Keep believing in yourself and your dreams. You will never know what you can achieve until you try. Have a great day, everyone.

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