The Wildfire Within Your Soul

When I think of wildfires, the first thought that comes to mind is those that happen in the world where homes and forests are destroyed. Lives turn upside down because of the devastation that they leave behind, and many people pick up the pieces to put their lives back together. Most wildfires’ downfall is they leave a trail of heartache with the many lives that it takes, whether it’s in the animal or human kingdoms. Rarely do I think about what the wildfire of the soul is until forcing myself to evaluate changes.

You see, we all have that spark that ignites wildfires inside of us. Some of us use that spark to create things with passion and an instinctive hunger that isn’t disputed. Others use that passion for sexual charges, and while that’s awesome for the small amount of time that the heat is generated, often, it isn’t enough to extinguish what’s in our souls.

Wildfires are the deepest, most intense sparks of passion for what we love. We find that passion by accident many times, and then there are other times that it feels as if the wildfires erupt because our mentors know how to bring it out of us. The wildfire of my soul isn’t in one component but rather a string of things that keep me passionate. I have a desire to be fed with knowledge and the constant need to help others. My wildfire lights up when I’m doing things to take my mind off my problems. It’s the ability to comprehend that I’m on this earth for a short season, and what I do with that season has the potential to help others grow or become stagnant.

Learning in this technological world has created wildfires in me that I find difficult to explain. One minute I’m challenging myself with specialized language, and the next minute I find myself using those skills to move further in my knowledge. We all possess the potential for drive and ambition. I’m constantly amazed by the people around me. Their motivation differs because they have become so discouraged that they don’t care about anything anymore. The fires in their hearts have all but been extinguished, and others are pushing themselves so hard, like me, that they drive themselves to pursue their dreams. I have a couple of friends who see that they need to be around like-minded individuals, or else they will have their inner fires extinguished before the flames ever get a chance to burn.

I don’t wish a physical wildfire on anyone. Still, emotionally, I hope you can use those fires inside you to create a firestorm of positivity, drive, determination, grit, and confidence. I expect you will find yourself riding through challenging times, confusing landscapes, and unpredictable thorns along the way. Remember to keep that fighting spirit inside you, and don’t let anyone extinguish the wildfire in your heart and soul. We all have those moments in time that mold us into a version of something great. Use those wildfires inside you to reinvent yourself and rebuild. Ignite your curiosity, draw from your dreams, and never forget that the flames dwell in you. Maybe it’s time for you to see what you can do because those wildfires aren’t there to let you be passive. Hone your skills by practicing what drives you, and as you do this, remember that it’s okay to screw up. Without failures, we would never acquire success. Have a great day, everyone.

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