Scents of the Season

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I love the summer, especially when the flowers are in bloom. Marigolds are one of my favorite flowers because their beauty has several layers to them. They have orange and yellow with a hint of red. They start as a tiny plant and end up overtaking your flower pot if you aren’t careful. But they provide a pleasant aroma and are relatively easy to take care of As long as you keep them watered. Most of you know I work for a storage facility. Part of my job is keeping the curb appeal looking nice. This task means making my landscape look loved and well-tended. If it were up to me, flowers would be part of the landscape every day. Unfortunately, mother nature has other plans.

The seasons change, and as the winter approaches, things begin to freeze and start dying off. And during the summer, because I have the plants in soil and an environment that stays continuously dry, I have to water them consistently. Sometimes that meant at least four pitchers each to keep them alive and to look well.

I wouldn’t trade it, though. The flowers give us a sense of a welcoming presence. Since I spend so much time at the office, it feels like a home. I want people to feel welcome when they come to the office. The springtime brings flowers to life and has so many different blooms that it’s hard to tell you what my favorite is. But if I’m honest, the gardenia is my absolute favorite flower of all. I think it’s because the gardenia smells of clean, fresh, comma and very fragrant aroma. It reminds me so much of being in the mountains.

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In the summertime, the mountain air is one of my favorite places to roam. I could lose myself in the hills because the summer has mountains with green and lush colors that bring a canvas to life. You can see all the bees and the other insects working their magic on different flowers and plants. You can go to some of the lookouts and see how the mountains go on for miles. It’s breathtaking. If I could move my office to the hills, I would do it in a heartbeat.

The springtime is also known for plants like the Easter lilies. They, too, are a beautiful fragrance that fills the nostrils with a clean intoxicating scent. Each season has its type of plants and flowers that some flowers are most active during certain times of the year. The fall is famous for mums to peak. The ironic thing is that at my office, I purchase some moms back in the Spring. I planted three different mum plants. Two of them bloomed too early. One of those is now blooming. Talk about confusing for the plants.

I guess that’s why I’m a little sad at seeing the summer wind down. I see my plant starting to die, and it makes me melancholy. I know that there are primarily annual plants, but there’s something about them that has always made me feel better. Their bright colors helped me out on days that were dull and dreary. And in many ways, the flowers have lifted my spirits when I’m in the dark depths of depression.

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Someday I will combat all of my fears. But until that time, I will enjoy the flowers, beauty, and aroma that the plants provide. If you have plans that do the same for you, I hope that you can enjoy them as well. Have a great day, everyone.

One thought on “Scents of the Season

  1. Unfortunately, I’m not much a lover of summer because of the heat! But I do love Spring and early Summer when the Dogwood trees are in bloom! They are so beautiful. I also love to see tulips in bloom. I agree with getting lost in the hills with all the greenery, but Fall brings a whole different beauty with the leaves start changing color before the fall off – so gorgeous. But as long as there is good shade and cool air, I’m there!


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