For The Love Of Gaming and Other Sports

Many of you may notice that my friend Ken has started posting on this site with his gaming videos. Ken is an avid gamer. He has loved playing video games for as long as I can remember. Ken recently started his Youtube channel to help others watch as he played some of the games and talked about the various games offered. He loves the MLB show. If you get a chance, please support his channel. He’d love to have you visit his Youtube channel and offer feedback. Click here to subscribe to his channel.

Ken is one of the millions of folks who have turned to online gaming. Online gaming is interactive, but it challenges the mind, offers tons of special effects and graphics, and brings to life the opportunity to escape into other worlds and dimensions. Gaming has become a way to expand our horizons, take out frustrations in a non-harmful way, and meet tons of people in the process.

I’m partial to online puzzle and word games. Those are the type of games that stimulate my mind and make me stretch my vocabulary. Sometimes I will read a book and get an idea for a puzzle. Creating puzzles is fun; it can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Maybe that’s why what we’re passionate about is how gaming helps us mentally, physically, and psychologically.

This brings me to athletic games. I love basketball games, especially on the collegiate level. The pros have made it, and they have to play at the elite level in the best shape possible. But, the collegiate players have so much to prove. They step up their level of intensity from the days they played high school ball. It’s a different mindset. It’s that way in any sport that players go from one level to another. The training becomes more intense, the focus on winning becomes the primary objective, and the sponsorship in athletics varies from how well teams do. I’ve said it before, but Michael Jordan made me fall in love with the game of basketball. Every single time that man dunked the ball during his years at UNC-Chapel Hill, he’d stick his tongue out when he’d dunk the ball. You could see the passion sparkling in his entire body. He was electric, and his passion was infectious. The students, teachers, alumni, and other spectators marveled at his ability to become one with the court. His teammates fed off each other’s energy, and it was pure magic. I became enchanted by the game and magic that Michael and the other athlete’s allowed her to witness. Watching Dean Smith coach the team through the 1982 NCAA championship game made me understand that I would never think sports dull again.

I think that’s why my love for the game and other games has expanded over the years. Games are like life because many strategies, heart, perseverance, strength, conditioning, and psychological challenges meet on and off the field. Our jobs, relationships, emotions, and thoughts are all challenged at various points in our days. People like to play games with each other and could care less about the outcomes. To keep from losing in life, we have to stay focused and keep up with the games played by those we never thought would put us through psychological trauma.

A couple of my friends love sports as much as I do. We love going to our local Kickback Jack’s, watching various sports on their big screens tv’s and laughing and cheering our favorite teams on while they play. We love rooting for different groups; I love the Atlanta Braves, they enjoy the New York Yankee’s, and a few others love the Boston Red Sox. We all have different taste, but one thing remains the same, immersing ourself into sports has allowed us to let off some steam, deal with frustrations, and feel like we are a part of something magical.

Football season brings us to tailgate parties, an endless supply of watching the players on the field, and talking trash, especially when Tom Brady is in the arena. None of us are a fan of his, and if you are one of them, I’ll apologize now for offending you that I’m not. I think he’s a little too egotistical. But he makes a lot more money than I do, and he’s got a lot more bragging rights on the field than I’ll ever have. The only point I’m making is that we all have people who influence us in the world of sports. Some of these men and women brought an awareness of games that we may not have known before seeing them. But, it’s great when you find games that you enjoy and give you a sense of accomplishment when you learn how to play them effectively.

There is one game in particular that I want to learn. That’s the game of chess. I’ve never understood it, and it’s not been something I was interested in until later in my life. I’ve learned that some of the moves people make in life are similar to a chessboard. Maybe in understanding the game, I might prevent some of the sneaky activities people make in the future that affect my life.

Soccer is another sport that I fell in love with because it’s constantly moving. My friend Darla says I just like watching hot men on the field. That might be true to a point, but I love the way strategy is used on the field. The sport has very little use of the hands, and footwork is crucial. Using the law of physics can be critical in many different sports, and soccer is no exception.

Billiards is my absolute favorite sport. I used to love to pretend that I couldn’t play pool and enjoyed running the tables on many different men. I later got my butt handed to me more than once, but I still love the game. I’ve learned so much about geometry and physics in that game. You have to use your mind to see the angles before you take the shot. Then you have to know how much pressure to use when you shoot the cue ball with the pool stick. It’s a game that you don’t have to play anyone else on. You can practice and get pointers from others. And watching women in the industry play has helped me see how the game is elevating in status over the years. It’s a tricky game because nothing is ever the same. But it’s a lot of fun, and if you’ve never learned to play, you might want to give it a try. Air Hockey is another game that I used to love, but it reminds me of my ex-husband and gives me an ulcer when I think of it. His thought is enough to give me indigestion, so I think I’ll pass on that sport.

So as I close out today’s blog, I think I’m going to find a few new games to delve into and learn about so that my competitive nature gets a few moments to come out and play. I hope that you get a chance to immerse yourself in healthy games that give you a sense of peace and rejuvenation. If you enjoy watching sports, I hope your favorite teams or groups win, and if you are the one competing, I hope you shine in your performance. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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