Creative Changes

I remember when I was younger that life seemed to be so much more straightforward. I didn’t have nearly the amount of bills that I do now. Nor did I have the stress idea daily. What I’ve gained over the years is a lot of experience, wisdom, and knowledge. Yet, one thing remains valid even after all these years. Had I not gone through struggles in life, I would not prevent more of the same efforts down the road. When we make mistakes, it’s not hard to wallow and self-pity. We beat ourselves up, and it doesn’t know good except take a toll on our psyche. But it also teaches us that everything in this life is worth challenging ourselves to do better.

Creativity is a volatile tool. We expect to utilize creativity in our jobs, home life, professional relationships, and other opportunities in volunteer groups and other organizations. Our bosses don’t want to hear the excuses. They want to see results. They want to know the kind of results that turn a profit. They could care less about Covid being a problem. They want to see money going in the bank. I think all of us know that money talks and bullshit walks.

Costs are rising everywhere every single day. We’ve had to get creative with keeping income coming in to pay the bills. Sometimes we can’t pay. Sometimes we have to work multiple jobs to stay afloat. If you are one of the fortunate folks, who can pay without too much difficulty, say your blessings. Many people are facing eviction, loss of their employment, and low wages.

The pandemic gave us opportunities to get closer with our families or have strains added to them. Some folks found confinement so tricky that they separated from their significant others. Others found the pandemic granted us creative ways of solving problems, learning new skills, and changing priorities. We all found how much our family impacts our lives. Most of us got too much time with certain members and not enough with others. Many of us got time with those we love, and while we treasure that time, we are grateful that the shutdowns ended when they did.

We’ve learned self-care is a necessity. This last year and a half have strained all of us mentally. No matter what people think, when we’ve had to stay inside four walls for extended periods, we have to get creative to keep our minds active. Most of us ate better because we cooked more meals at home. We tried recipes we never experienced before. Some people created art, while others worked with wood, some found ways to make crafts, while others made their beer. The point is that when we all had to cope with being shut in, most of us found ways to make the time better.

But what about the folks that face abuse? The men, women, and children were stuck because they had nowhere they could go. In many ways, these folks are stronger than they know. Some of them perished and were never acknowledged. Their stories won’t see the light of day unless those who knew them best talk about them and tell the story for them.

We all face different struggles in our lives. Never forget that no matter how dark things seem in the world, as long as we use sparks of creativity inside of us, we can help light the skies with positive energy and unconditional love. Have a great day, everyone.

03/18/20 – SOMERVILLE, MA. – Remote work illustration on March 18, 2020. Photo by Ruby Wallau/NortheasternUniversity

2 thoughts on “Creative Changes

  1. Who doesn’t remember the days when you either didn’t have bills or they were at a bare minimum? I long for those days – (dream one me) – but the struggle is real for most of us in some way or the other. We just have to trust the God we serve, stay prayed up and press forward. The light at the end of the tunnel will eventually shine through.


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